i <3 pokemon black n white

im listening to the ost rn coz i want 2 and oh mah gawd xD pkmn black was da first main game i played (da real first poke game i played was mystery dungeon) and i loved dis game SOOO MUCH it was my favorite 4 da longest time and i spent 3 years playin it b4 i actually beat it lolllll thats probably coz i was always in the pokemon theater or whatever it was called and i would dress up my audino or something and collect EVERY. DAMN. ACCESSORY. there were SO MANY but i def came close 2 gettin em all o.O i reset my game nawt 2 long ago so my original game is lost 2 time :[. i do have a highlight on my private insta acc where i archived all my favorite little bits of da original save tho :D i wud be so sad if everything was just gone lolll... i was attached to my pokemon

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