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spring is a-comin~~~ <3

ahhh.... teh sun is out l8 now, but its.... nawt gettin any warmer. sigh. im soooo reddy 4 spring fashion. i wanna wear mai tank tops n skirts (as if i even own many) n shorts.... n im reddy 4 mai skin 2 nawt b fukkin dry n gross -_-

i luv spring, probly mai fav season~!!! i just liek wen its kinda breezy but nawt 2 cold (lolololol) n bright n mostly nawt rainyyhh.... even tho, yk, april.

but nawt excited 4 specifically april coz i gotta go 2 le dentist :/

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gawwsh idk one perzon who doeznt like spring, its just so peaceful !! maybe im biazed bc my bday is in spring, but idc we are right !! may your spring be colorful and yr cherry blozzoms bloom, i hope mine will aswell ^w^

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yaasss!!! hope da spring is nice wherever u r in le wurld. i wuz actually born on le first day of autumn but i still liek spring moar XP

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SAMEEE i cant wait for it to be spring so that way when i go outside i dont immediatley turn into an ice cube(for context i dress like its summer despite the fact its still cold outside)

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im 2 insecure abt mai skin 2 wear summery shit in winter... plus id freeze XDDD

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That's like my favourite season. SPRING! full of cherry blossoms and greenery..My favourite time of year! 2 kudos added.

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ahhh yus!!! i have a cherry blossom tree in mai backyard, :0 i hope it blooms dis year, it doesnt always... ive only seen it grow its flowers a couple tiems, which is rlly sad :/

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WUT! doesn't bloom that much??? DW there are plenty of cherry blossoms out there. Just enjoy yourself, go out into parks, fields. It's lovely. The world doesn't have to be such a filthy palace of you find the right locations! :)

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aahhhh absolutellyyyy <3

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