mai goals.

i wanna wurk hard 2 b who i wanna be, but ive gotta rlly put mai mind 2 it first... i want to dress cute everyday (this may b surprisin 2 every1 who no's meh, but i actually dont dress super nicely n scenie all le time.) but b4 i can do that, i need 2 work on getting better sleep!!! i have a super shittttt sleep sched, i go ta bed at lyk 12 am half le time, n i wake up suuuper exhausted n super l8, so i cant rlly get a cute ass outfit 2getha. i also wanna actually wurk on finding clothes i rlly luvv, goin 2 savers is always mai best bet... theres usually sumn 4 meh!!! i also hope i can b pretty gud at talkin 2 peeps, im deff gettin better everyday, but yk, theres roommm 4 improvementt ofcc!!! :D im pretty proud of who i am, ive come so far frum bein a little kid paralyzed by anxiety and often being a huugee shithead 2 other kids, 2 bein a pretty strong, confident scene kween who makes other ppl feel supported.... :] so yea. thatss mai post, n i hope u can take a moment 2 appreciate who u r 2 ^_^

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