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take this stupid survey ( im feel doxxed )

Category: Quiz/Survey

Name: gaby ( madoka for u ) Age: 18 Birthplace: a hospital xd Birthday: 11/08 Current Location: » Continue Reading

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spacehey interviews 3 meet cosmo and Ghvst22

Category: Blogging

hiiii today we have two interviews easy to find in my dm bc a lot interviews benning losing to me srry sm but hey i have news INTERVIEWS REQUEST ARE OPEND if you wanna be part of my blogs coment here or dm me , my dms are opend for u  lest start!! me: ? person bennig interview : ! cosmo interview » Continue Reading

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spacehey interviews 2 meet ducky and trajicboat

Category: Blogging

Hello to all of you today I bring you the episode of this series of blogs interviewing random people from spacehey this in order to get to know each other and connect between the community without further ado let's start  update note : ty sm for wait the nex blog im benning sick those days but im fell better now to continue whit this  ï½¡°âœ©â‚Šâ‹†Ducky。°âœ©â‚Šâ‹† interview » Continue Reading

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Spacehey interviews blog 1 meett jizzl and kenize ^^

Category: Blogging

 Hello everyone, today we start my blog series interviewing people from spacehey today we will see the interviews of jizzl and kenizee I do this in order to connect as a community and see the problems we have in common. If this series of blogs has support, remember that the next interviewee could be you ^^ Jizzl interview 🍥: me 🥥:jizzl 🥥: » Continue Reading

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my review about spacehey drama

Category: SpaceHey

I clarify that this blog is not intended to offend anyone or send hints to anyone just want to criticize one of the facts that bothers me most about the app.  get stared  Don't you find that you go to the blog section and most of the people featured are people doing unnecessary drama or bad people exposed? I'm not saying that exposing bad people is bad, the problem is how incredibly prominent the ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

well my profile is full of things about me but I see this as important, why? I don't know in general in terms of talking to me I'm very approachable.  DNI -racist -homophobic  -xenophobes  -pedophiles  -I don't talk to people over the age range of 6 years old to make friends i dont care if i have 18 years   » Continue Reading

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virtual vinyl colection room

Category: Music

humbug /* hey if you're reading this and you wanna use this, there is a ton of shit in comments at the end pls read it, it might be helpful to you */ * { cursor: url("https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sK4Wv6Xt4mVwioy_11ZPdui5lpnN3sf8Zrrp-nbAkLRc=/https://64.media.tumblr.com/bfeb4de99f006cc06feea83abe148856/a84c21d2139b6d83-bc/s75x75_ » Continue Reading

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layouts recopilation

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

a recopilation of codes i make    click the names to go » Continue Reading

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