my review about spacehey drama

I clarify that this blog is not intended to offend anyone or send hints to anyone just want to criticize one of the facts that bothers me most about the app. 

get stared 

Don't you find that you go to the blog section and most of the people featured are people doing unnecessary drama or bad people exposed? I'm not saying that exposing bad people is bad, the problem is how incredibly prominent the negative blogs are, ruining the aesthetics of the app. 

we can do more produced, more interesting blogs talking about a topic with a lot of passion but always have popularity blogs like "exposing x person for a fight on discord" or an extremely horrible opinion that shouldn't even be highlighted. 

to clarify my point it is not wrong to expose bad people the bad thing is that in this is based almost all the section highlighted in pointing out to each other, so before making a controversy reflect if the person really deserves to be exposed and encourages several users to report him/her

to finish this is also due to the low quality of good blogs on the app, usually see a blog is the same as want twittter so I propose to support your favorite bloggers to improve the community environment, I know there are very good bloggers with good ideas or beautiful blogs that deserve support

without further ado drink water and wipe your tails bai bai

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Atp im seeing more of these blogs talking about how much they hate callout blogs than actual callout blogs

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