take this stupid survey ( im feel doxxed )

Name: gaby ( madoka for u )
Age: 18
Birthplace: a hospital xd
Birthday: 11/08
Current Location: the baticave
School: clonws school
Eye Color: dark like my soul
Hair Color: dark like all of me xd
Right or Left Handed: both
Shoe Size: 40
Skin Type: dark too ;-;
Single?: nope
Pepsi or Coke: all my homies drink coke
MCDonalds or Burger King?: in macdonalds dont buy donnuts? .-,
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: i dunno
Do you smoke?: maybe
Have you ever stolen from a friend?: what is friend? a soap?
Do you do drugs?: nop i sell drugs /j
Do you drink?: yup
Do you shower daily?: more ofthen to be a otaku
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Do you want to get married?: yup
Do you want to have kids?: nope
Future Job: hippie
Favorite Sport: chees ( is a sport take a look)
Do you get sea sick?: nope
Do you believe in yourself?: never
Do you think your attractive?: ofcurse ( sometimes )
Do you like thunderstorms?: and wait if a thunder dare me too
Do you sing?: yup , im win contest
Do you play an instrument?: my guittar
Are you a health freak?: im unhealt freak
Are you scared of the dark?: im the darkness (literaly )
Do you get along with your parents?: goverment secret
Sibblings?: yup my fav stupid
Pets?: my kitty lola
Number of Tattoos: 0
Number of piercings: 0
Number of Cds I own: i have sm cds
Style: ghotic / hippie
Fruit or Vegetable: candies
Short or Long Hair: short
Best Friend: irl camila and anahy , online zhao and marci
Coolest Friend: im the coolest
Prettiest Friend: nobody
Weirdest Friend: im the weirdest
What would you like to get pierced?: yup
Have you ever stolen from a store?: nope
Have you ever been kicked out of a store?: nope
Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?: i dunno
Have you ever turned down a dare?: nope
Have you ever kissed a boy on the lips?: and girls
Own a stuffed animal?: yup a panda
What grade are you in?: im in the u
Number of past things your regret: only born
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This survey seems fun. I'm gonna try it 2.

P.S: I like the blog layout and the cursor. <3

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