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spacehey interviews 3 meet cosmo and Ghvst22

hiiii today we have two interviews easy to find in my dm bc a lot interviews benning losing to me srry sm but hey i have news INTERVIEWS REQUEST ARE OPEND if you wanna be part of my blogs coment here or dm me , my dms are opend for u 

lest start!!

me: ?

person bennig interview : !

cosmo interview

click to see him porfile

!: hii can we do the spacehey interviews thing :3 

 ?: Of Course, to start I want you to tell me a little about yourself and how you found out about the app 

 !: okay so my name is cosmo,but you can also call me orel,i am 16 (i turn 17 in a month) and i like adult swim. i also simp on 2 characters :3 my favorite music genre is rap/hiphop,and one of the main music artists i listen to is kanye west. how i found out about the app is from one of my friends linking all of their socials ,so i tried out this app 

 ?: talk me about your experience in this app 

 !: my experience of this app is pretty much mixed feelings. there's so many people hating me,making hate blogs,and fake accounts with gore in it,and it's js disturbing..i don't understand why ppl hate me so much,but on the positive side,i have made some new friends who share my same interests!!! 

 ?: so , youre hated whit any reasond? thats hard , about this why do you think about the comunity? 

 !: i think most people on spacehey are bad, they're so gross,posting gore and being also pedos is not okay. i js heard also about the aria drama,i was shocked.. SOME people are nice though 

 ?: im ask everyone frecuently a bad experience in the app but now i wanna ask you a good experience whit your spacehey friends 

 !: for good experience, i've met alot of people who shares my same interests,mostly adult swim and hiphop rap ,people are so kind to me and interact with my bulletins :3 

 ?: what do you think about drama blogs? you benning involucret in this blogs whit false acusations sometimes? 

 !:yes ive been involved in many dramas unfortunately,mostly the ones where people are spreading false information abt me being a """pedo and racist""" (which i'm not) 

 ?: what you do usually in the app? 

 !:i usually look for cool layouts and friend ppl i find cool,make blogs and bulletins

 !:and collect stamps + blinkies 

 ?: something you wanna say before ending the interview? 

 !:is that i hope to meet more hiphop rap fans and adult swim fans :3 

 interview Ghvst22  

click to see him porfile


 ?: Hiiii To start the interview, first I want you to tell me a little about yourself and how you found out about the app. 

 !:Um my names Akeiko and my friend showed my the acc she had coded and I thought it was cool so I made an acc too 

 ?: Tell me about your experience in this app 

 !:It's very fun, especially talking to new people or just trolling on here \( ᐖ) ?: Tell me what you usually do in the app, blogs? Layouts or bulletins? !:I sometimes make stamps and I just make random bulletins 

 ?: As a stamp creator, how are you doing?

 ?: How's it going?

 !:It's good, a decent amount of people uses them and that makes me happy

 ?: Have you ever had negative experiences where your work was passed off as if it were from the person who plagiarized it? 

 !:not that I know of (—ᴗ—) 

 ?: Good to know and tell me how often do you publish bulletins?

 !:like atleast a few times a day (ᵕ•_•) 

 ?: Are they usually commented on or not much?

 !:usually like 1-10 depending on what I say 

 ?: Did you have a bad experience in the app?


 ?: Anything you want to say before finishing the interview? 


-personal notes : i dunno why cosmo are hated , looks cool and good person and is good now look grapics makers going good here 

thats all and remeber if you wanna be part of this coment or send me a dm drink whater and wip your tail bai bai 

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spiderlegs residence

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these look fun, id love to do one

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omg i love these! i wanna do 1 so badd

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these are so fun to read<3

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