well my profile is full of things about me but I see this as important, why? I don't know in general in terms of talking to me I'm very approachable.Ā 






-I don't talk to people over the age range of 6 years old to make friends i dont care if i have 18 yearsĀ Ā 

-gore addictsĀ 

-people who don't speak the languages I can speakĀ 

-people who don't tolerate other religions (paganism)

- -15 years old ( I have 18 years )

plzz interact

-people who like witchcraft ( if you give me good vibes )

-people who like rock / metal / indieĀ 

- arctic monkeys fansĀ 

-people who like video games


-chess players

-artists ( I like to see their artwork )

- freakys or halft weirdos ( I love to talk to those kind of people )

-kitty lovers

-sanrrio loversĀ 


thin iceĀ 

-modern feminism (I respect them but I don't support modern feminist ideals)

-if you come looking for a relationship with me, you will be ignored.


-I have borderline personality disorderĀ 

-I don't do it on purpose but I respond very late if the conversation is not relevant to me but I always respondĀ 

-my bulletains contain past topics sometimes ( when I make historytimes )

-at night don't expect to have a conversation with me ( most probably i dont respond )

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