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Spacehey interviews blog 1 meett jizzl and kenize ^^

 Hello everyone, today we start my blog series interviewing people from spacehey today we will see the interviews of jizzl and kenizee I do this in order to connect as a community and see the problems we have in common. If this series of blogs has support, remember that the next interviewee could be you ^^

Jizzl interview

🍥: me


🥥: skibidi !!

🍥: Hiiii :3 To start the interview, first I want you to tell me a little about yourself and how you found out about the app.

🥥: okie dokie  obvi my name is jizzl ,, its sup 2 b matching with lizzl since my irl name starts with j !!! and idrk how I found this app tbh ,, I think it was in September 2023 and I saw a yt vid ab it ,, and I saw it was unblocked on my school computer and I thought it was overall a cool website/app :0 why was that so long omg 

🍥: Tell me about your experience and friendships in the app, how do you get along with the spacehey community?

🥥: I have about 8 friends I frequently talk with here tbh- I try 2 make more friends but the IMs go dead after 3 or 4 days... and I'd say I get along with some users, I see a lot of ppl block me sometimes ,, idrk what I do- ik like 6 or 7 ppl on here who have me blocked. other than that I'd say I'm pretty liked

🍥: Now tell me what you usually do in the app, usually your most famous blogs are the spacehey awards, tell me about it ^^

🥥: I usually make bulletins that people find funny mostly ,, I like making the alphas happy /j and the blogs were an idea from the other awards from like... November ?? and I wanted 2 do it again cuz it seems fun !! the most popular one has like 114 kudos now ,, crazy  credits 2 the person who thought of awards 🙏

🍥: Now tell me about any negative experience you had in the app or something you don't like about it.

🥥 : tbh ofc the nsfw and g0re accounts keep me up at night  but other than that i don't like how most people throw fits in blogs , bulletins or IMs over something can be talked about or fixed ,, if your upset with me ab something I'm willing 2 fix it 4 u so ur comfortable. and I guess negative experiences w/ ppl don't happen 2 me often ,, but usually its because either they or I get 2 sensitive ,, but its always fixed in the end. so basically I don't experience negative interactions !!:3

🍥: Yup, the problem with gore accounts is something that really leaves everyone with a bad experience. Now I want you, as a blogger, to also tell me what you think about call out blogs full of drama?

🥥: they are extremely useless  I mean if its some1 who could physically or mentally attack you keep the blog up until the person is banned. But the situation with razor and ones related 2 that ,, completely unnecessary 🙏 keep it in the server ,, your friend doesn't need 2 get shamed 4 a simple mistake that he apologized for (I think he did idk). I think ppl truly think they are helping though ,, which certainly they r not 

🍥: Well, to finish the interview, do you have anything else you would like to say?

🥥 : js wanna say its OKAY 2 decline friend requests


- Personal notes : I wanted to interview her as a blogger as well as a person who has been in the business for a while. Something that was common in all the interviews is the bad experience with gore accounts. I also thought it was nice to interview her. If you like this user, you can find him in this profile.

Profile user :https://spacehey.com/whotfisjizzl

Kenize interview

🐚: me

🐈‍⬛: kenize

🐈‍⬛: Haiii!!! :3

🐚: Hiiii , To start the interview, I would like you to tell me a little about yourself and how you found out about the app.

🐈‍⬛: I’m Kenize, I like music, cartoons, the supernatural, fashion, the color green..I’m 13 and live in Missouri (horrible place). I found spacehey from a tiktok comment funny enough. I found this app thats also similar to SpaceHey and MySpace, but I was looking on tiktok for a code cuz u needed a code to be able to make an account, but someone commented “SpaceHey is better so I’ll just use that” so I looked up Spacehey, and errmmm yeayuh!! >_<

🐚: Tell me a little about your experience and friends on the app

🐈‍⬛: I’ve been on SpaceHey for 2 months, and honestly it hasn’t been bad. I’ve made a lot of friends, which I’m very thankful for. (Idk if u want my full experience told but the gore accs are HORRIBLE…I always come online at the wrong time when ppl are spamming gore accs I swear 😞) but yeah, overall, SpaceHey has been really awesome. I get to make cool friends, and post silly bulletins. What more could I want 🎀

🐚: What do you usually do in this app? Do you consider yourself a blogger Tell me everything about it ^^

🐈‍⬛: I wouldn’t personally call myself a ‘blogger’, but I do post a lot of just random stuff. I rarely talk about stuff that happens in my life, since not much is exciting anyway. I normally just talk to my friends, and spam bulletins. I post bulletins because many people actually find the things I say funny, so I just do it for laughs. I even get a good laugh out of it, bc when people comment on them its usually smth rlly funny xD

🐚: I see, then you like to make jokes and see people laugh, don't you?

🐈‍⬛: Yeah, very much!! I love to be able to make ppl laugh, and it makes me feel good to know I have a good sense of humor too :D

🐚: Sounds fun, now tell me about a negative experience or something you don't like about spacehey

🐈‍⬛: I don’t like how many gore accounts/Porn accounts are being made. The moderators don’t even try getting rid of the accounts i believe. I don’t even see how the accounts can get past moderation, but personally I feel like the mods need to try harder or smth idk. It’s just disgusting on how people can go around spreading gore while it triggers many people (including me). Idk it’s just horrible.

🐚: It is undoubtedly a case that bothers all users of the app, now tell me about the spacehey community, what do you think about it?

🐈‍⬛: In general, I think the SpaceHey community is great. There’s obviously gonna be a bad part of it, but overall there are nice and cool people.

🐚: Well, to finish the interview, do you have anything else you would like to say?

🐈‍⬛: Uhh….nope!! Ty for interviewing me!! :3

- Personal notes : I wanted to interview him as a typical spacehey user so I tried to cover every aspect of his opinion about the community and how he works in it, he is a nice person if you want add him heres the space hey user

User profile: https://spacehey.com/bugbra1nzzz

Those were all the interviews for today, tomorrow we have the interview of a new girl looking for friends on the app and a bilingual person saying how him experience was looking for friends who speak his native language

Take care, clean your tail and bai bai

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can i participate in these interviews?? :0

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i really like this idea!!

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This is so fun!! Hope it keeps goin!

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