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A Shape [tw]/poem

Category: Writing and Poetry

It is not your fault he says unknowingly damning me because that was never a question i had. It was never my fault until he told me that it wasnt and so implicated me. I didnt need to be absolved and then i did. I sailed above the guilt until he told me My actions have not been beautiful the way i wanted my actions to be beautiful This doesnt make sense. I am angry that the man who raped me wen » Continue Reading

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Post Feelings

Category: Blogging

I'm double-jabbed, now, and Matt (who has been living with me for three years this month; I do not have the words to convey the amount of work and patience this involves. Thank Christ for Matt) is double-jabbed and my parents are double-jabbed and I'm still not letting my guard down - as neurotic as it sounds I'm still wiping down all the groceries and sanitizing my hands whenever I touch, well, a... » Continue Reading

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Car Crash, 3am [poempt]

Category: Writing and Poetry

Outside there's a ruckus, Outside the accent swerves beneath my window-pane and catches me in the back of the neck Like a swift punch Alright! Alright. Outside there's a ruckus outside there's a sports game Outside there's an eight year old with a black eye drawing heavily on a cigarette, Outside there's a woman forcing pamphlets about the Blood Of the Lamb on unsuspecting passers-by she's asking ... » Continue Reading

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To All The Unwed Mothers

Category: Writing and Poetry

When I was a kid I asked my parents if they loved me or God more and my dad didn't even pause before he answered which I guess is why the youth pastor never went to jail for what he did to me and others. Was never sure if we were Catholic or Protestant; think we were Church of England? Which seems to be centerist but leaning Prot. I wasn't allowed a lot of books. I was allowed the Bible. There wer... » Continue Reading

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England Is Burning

Category: Writing and Poetry

It's too hot in England; it's too hot in Canada. Matt buys litres and litres of sparkling water but I think it's a waste of money. I drink from the tap. The ice caps are melting. Bezos goes to space; has a jolly good time, he says. I don't have the words. The Prime Minister sets a rule in stone and then immediately, publicly, breaks it. I was never proud to be British. I was never this angry. I ha... » Continue Reading

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Eliott's Little Book of Calm

Category: Writing and Poetry

Find a satsuma. Bury it within the Great Barrier Reef of your mind. It is deteriorating fast but that is not your fault. That is Bezos. Braid your beard as intricately as you are able. Thread beads into it, weave feathers. You are Gimli; Gimli is you. Gimli has died. That was an accident. At the funeral you talk briefly to his mother who compliments your beard. You are blindsided: in your grief yo... » Continue Reading

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Medusa [a poem]

Category: Writing and Poetry

This being part two of the poem triptych I have been working on about climate change (yes I was bullied as a child, why do you ask?), the first being here . Medusa! We saw her in a dream, Stripped entirely She watched us naked and terrified,  "How do I calm down all these fucking snakes?" Medusa!  Could you crawl insi » Continue Reading

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Icarus [a poem]

Category: Writing and Poetry

I've got all this cardboard Sitting in my apartment, a haphazard skyscraper A game of Jenga With Amazon smiles all over it. Could I turn it  Into something other? Could I Forsake plastic forever. Make Icarus wings Leave this burning feeling  This burning planet and head straight Up! Up where the clouds are soft again Where the planets we haven't fucked yet » Continue Reading

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An Ode to The Lost [bad Poem]

Category: Writing and Poetry

Sputtering They dragged you away! In a straight jacket.  Is that even legal still?  Hey dude what are they pumping into your veins today. I don't know. I forget the name a lot of consonants. Heavy on the Ks.  You peacefully numb yet? I want to slash my jugular with this double plated window. Which is why I am not allowed on my own. When I wake up it is to blinding light that never leaves. When I s... » Continue Reading

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Bad Poem (TW ED)

Category: Writing and Poetry

How do you continue when you're tired How do you go on When you can't get the nutrition you need into your body how do you consecrate that Confectualise it Con-script it? I don't know I just know I'm tired all the time. I'm honing myself into what I want to be I'm whittling down my body into something harder and tougher than the Bulimia Glands that have lived in my cheeks for two decades God I wan... » Continue Reading

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About Me

Category: Life

I do just post a bulletin every day that sort of assumes you all already know everything about me (apparently it's funny! People do seem to like them) but I haven't really given you any context. So. My grandparents were christian missionaries in Africa and England respectively and my parents have both worked in the church my entire life. I grew up in London which actually sucks, and I had no frien... » Continue Reading

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2021 Has Officially Made Me Take Care Of Myself and It's Not Awful, Actually

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Been a while since I did one of these and it's just quite an exciting time in my life at the moment and I wanted to document it in a way that wouldn't disappear after ten days. More for myself than anyone. Yesterday after four weeks of radio silence from my job after I was put on leave for deleting a sexist post, I quit. I told my boss that since I had come out and changed my name my colleagues ha... » Continue Reading

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