Car Crash, 3am [poempt]

Outside there's a ruckus,
Outside the accent swerves beneath my window-pane and catches me in the back of the neck
Like a swift punch Alright!
Alright. Outside there's a ruckus outside there's a sports game
Outside there's an eight year old with a black eye drawing heavily on a cigarette,
Outside there's a woman forcing pamphlets about the Blood Of the Lamb on unsuspecting passers-by she's asking them:
Will you be a part of the Kingdom?
Will you wail and gnash your teeth and be raptured into glorious sunlight when your time comes Alright, well maybe. I didn't exactly sell my soul and it was going cheap anyway so 
Alright put my name in
Place bets on who's god is gonna shine on me
Outside the roots of the trees on our street are knitting together in a way that makes the snow and rain and petals ferment
Into some glorious slime
Outside there is shouting outside there is a fight,
Outside my old dealer drives past he only listens to one song
The sound system costing more than the car itself,
"I fucking paid for that," I mutter. "Way back when."

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Shadow Bliss

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Cool stuff.

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