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England Is Burning

It's too hot in England; it's too hot in Canada. Matt buys litres and litres of sparkling water but I think it's a waste of money. I drink from the tap.

The ice caps are melting. Bezos goes to space; has a jolly good time, he says. I don't have the words. The Prime Minister sets a rule in stone and then immediately, publicly, breaks it. I was never proud to be British. I was never this angry. I have never been this fucking tired.

I have spent the last 18 months bricking up my front door and meticulously wiping down all my groceries and this is how it ends although it isn't, is it, this isn't the fucking end and anyone who thinks it may be is a fucking idiot. 

Hope was never a real light hope was the lit end of a cigarette in the trenches. "I'm going to indulge myself one last time. What harm could it do."

Three strikes motherfucker! You're out!

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somehow it got worse politics and billionaire wise

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...and its only heating up.

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Shadow Bliss

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Yep, thats 21st Century existentialism right there.

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I feel like i've been writing similar things lately. and currently i have been burnt by the sun for a 20 second indulgence in the name of nature---The earth's payback. I wish a house would just fall on bezos. A poorly decorated and poorly constructed one. He literally is the wicked witch of the west--I literally just looked up the origin story.

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