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i'm scared of sleeping

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

my morning classes start late. i wake up at 9am and get out of bed, usually. today i had dreams, dreams about someone i miss it wasnt anything weird, i just keep dreaming about hanging out with him or talking to him again or watching movies with him or cooking with him or some shit and during the dream im painfully aware that im dreaming and that its not real and that i miss him and that im about ... » Continue Reading

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we accept the love we think we deserve

Category: Romance and Relationships

i read this quote in a novel i was reading, two or three days ago. and it's true, we do do that. the other day my friend reached out to me telling me to get help urgently because the shit i've been doing and saying for the past few months worried her. and i explained to her that my lifestyle makes me happy. that i enjoy going to the gym every day, cooking, cleaning, and spending the rest of my tim... » Continue Reading

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new photography project idea ((short film based))

Category: Art and Photography

my dad gave me his digital 2007 camera, it only takes grainy pictures but I'm super happy that he's letting me have it. he was gonna sell it to some pawn shop i think. unlike my little camera that doesn't focus properly sometimes and never adjusts to the light level properly, no matter how much i fuckle the settings, [I've taken more than like 15 pictures with my analog camera, since the last time... » Continue Reading

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Category: Automotive

i wanted her so bad there was this girl i was friends with in early (jan/feb) 2022. she made me this wire ring with a lil heart shaped thing in the middle. i think its plastic but i dont really care because it was a gift from her. i wear that thing whenever i travel inter-country / whenever im on a plane or cross a border or whatever. it started bc i promised i'd wear it on my way coming back to h... » Continue Reading

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learning experience / rookie mistake

Category: Art and Photography

okay before u like make fun of me, i haven't taken instant-film pictures in a good while, that while being about a year. i took pics today and yesterday, i made the mistake of taking pictures while the sun was shining, creating these extremely-bright pictures that didn't fully develop because they were overexposed which sucks! but we all learned a lesson today uuuuu don't shoot pictures during sun... » Continue Reading

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telling you about my day

Category: Blogging

my day started off nicely to some degree i stayed up until 4am last night iirc and my dad woke me up at 11 so i was exhausted managed to pack all of my belongings into suitcases though, and i slept during the day, took a 2h nap. that was cool too. First off, why am i packing? I'm moving out of this apartment and I'm gonna go live with my mom for two months. Why am I going to live with my mom? Beca... » Continue Reading

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