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learning experience / rookie mistake

okay before u like make fun of me,
i haven't taken instant-film pictures in a good while, that while being about a year.

i took pics today and yesterday,

i made the mistake of taking pictures while the sun was shining, creating these extremely-bright pictures that didn't fully develop because they were overexposed

which sucks! but we all learned a lesson today

don't shoot pictures during sunny hours, shoot pictures while the sun is going down or when its cloudy. because u cant really adjust an instant camera for that kinda thing

oh what the fuck
no i just checked my camera, yeah no, you can adjust the camera.

it was just a skill issue on my part then

whatever, i learned not to shoot pictures during sunny hours and to make sure my camera is on the right settings. this sucks. at least i have 14 pieces of film left.

fourteen more pictures i can take.

if ur seeing this its cuz the image wont load

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even if they look kinda bad that adds to it imo
like how shitty apartments in cities are cool even though theyre shitty

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oh i dont hate the pictures, they just turned out diff than what i expected. i like the beauty in flaws.

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