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new photography project idea ((short film based))

my dad gave me his digital 2007 camera, it only takes grainy pictures but I'm super happy that he's letting me have it. he was gonna sell it to some pawn shop i think.

unlike my little camera that doesn't focus properly sometimes and never adjusts to the light level properly, no matter how much i fuckle the settings, [I've taken more than like 15 pictures with my analog camera, since the last time I photoblogged.], this camera actually makes high-quality images which i can delete or retake.

so I'm having this thought right?

it can't take video footage. but i want to try making some sort of short film.
and now you think to yourself what i thought to myself.

"a video is just a bunch of pictures" you're absolutely right.

my idea is to take a bunch of pictures, like in this image gallery below, to convey the story that i would convey in my short film. 

i'd have to edit them together with appropriate timing and speed and whatnot, but it would be a sick replacement, a kind of new way of displaying stuff or something?
i'm still unsure which one of my ideas I'll use for the short film, and how I'll actually make them play out (considering i don't have any real life friends, and even if i did, i doubt they'd be so cool that they'd pull off a short film production with me.)

I'll likely make some sort of pov short film. if i do, I'll keep you updated. i'm just toying with the idea.

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please do it it'd look so cool!!!!!

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