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i wanted her so bad

there was this girl i was friends with in early (jan/feb) 2022. she made me this wire ring with a lil heart shaped thing in the middle. i think its plastic but i dont really care because it was a gift from her. i wear that thing whenever i travel inter-country / whenever im on a plane or cross a border or whatever. it started bc i promised i'd wear it on my way coming back to her town after leaving it the day she gave me the ring (i did not come back), but now its turned into this thing where i always wear the ring for traveling occasions

fatima's mom was kinda strict and never got her a phone and didnt let her have social media either, so it's not like i've spoken to her since she gave me the ring. from what i've heard of her from people who live near her, though, shes doing fine and switched classes and whatever. 

dawg i kept it on through more than 12 hours of inter-country traveling today. its really tight and uncomfortable (im guessing she made it based on her own fingers, forgetting that i have bigger hands) but im wearing it regardless. her ring is gonna see the world. her mom won't let her travel and she wasn't allowed to go out w me because im not muslim. which sucks, sucks she can't date christians. but the ring is gonna see the world. this ring's been in five different countries up until now, and hopefully the number is gonna keep growing.

its been like 1.5 years but i still think about her sometimes. she was really cute and funny. she had a really good face as weird as that sounds out loud and she'd laugh really cutely and a bit too loud for whatever situation we were in, and she wasn't really funny by herself but she did funny stuff and she was really short and she kept challenging me to fight her and i'd always go easy on her and whatever. fatima was lovely i think

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