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telling you about my day

my day started off nicely to some degree
i stayed up until 4am last night iirc and my dad woke me up at 11 so i was exhausted

managed to pack all of my belongings into suitcases though, and i slept during the day, took a 2h nap. that was cool too.

First off, why am i packing?
I'm moving out of this apartment and I'm gonna go live with my mom for two months.

Why am I going to live with my mom?
Because my dad and brother are going to live with her too.

We have to leave this place blank and clean, i.e. all of our belongings have to be removed from the building. and that means everything. i had no idea about this until Saturday night! i was not told any of this. i spent yesterday which was technically two days ago (sunday) and today which was technically yesterday (monday) mercilessly throwing away two years worth of art, drawings, poetry and paint along with things like clothing and hygiene products. everything is gone now.

(i can only bring one suitcase and its filled with shirts and cables for my laptop, drawing shit and camera)

getting rid of all my shit was really stressful at first, but now i feel liberated.

also here's my room


you may be thinking "waow joshua, you really did a lot of removing." nonono, this picture is from two months ago.
i have been living like this for about two years now.

nononono dawg
this is a picture of my room i took tonight. (at around 4:50 in the morning)




also i went to the film store at 7pm today and it was cool because i bought picture film for my hand-held camera and i already took some pictures. one of my dad, one of my apartment complex from REALLY far away (like, from another part of town, i live in a massive complex that's part of the skyline), and a staircase pic because i always take staircase pics when i leave a place.

tomorrow I' gonna go take pictures.
i.e. I'm gonna walk around town with my camera, and see if something worth shooting pops up.
if i take five pictures that's okay, and if i take no pictures, that's also okay. 
i'm actually setting my limit at five because i cant take a near-infinite amount of pictures like on my iPhone or something like that.

I'm going to bed.

it's 5:39am and i need to take care of point 2, considering I'll have to be in bed sleeping in 24h so everything goes smoothly, flight-wise. 

thank u for ur time. goodnight to you too

sweet dream

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