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this can't be good for me, but i feel great.

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commission me or donate if u want

Category: Art and Photography

im posting this now bc smth kinda suddenly happened. anyways i draw furries and animals and shit. ill draw pretty much anything though. all the info is on my ko-fi page & theres more recent art on my FA the minimum donation is $2 but anything helps. stuff isnt like super emergency bad, but i would like to support my family & this is my only source of income. also i cant get the stupid pictures to ... » Continue Reading

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zionists are pathetic

Category: News and Politics

even israel themselves arent bothering to cover up their genocide anymore. they dropped the whole "b-b-but hamas had bases underneath the hospital!!!" BS almost instantly. now they're just raiding hospitals to bomb them & shoot up the medics. they have to wear white helmets & bulletproof vests bc the fucking idf keeps killing them. the one hospital is pretty much leveled now & i dont know if anyon... » Continue Reading

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before i lose this thought

Category: Life

tw: uhh i talk abt unreality a bit. if thats weird dont read. but um. i was thinking, how can anyone go around without Knowing?? it feels 2 me like something other, or like my understanding is higher. not in a self-centered way like "hehe im smarter than everyone" but like...that My world seems somewhere else entirely. i feel like i'm 4th dimensional in the 3rd dimension. out of place. and im all ... » Continue Reading

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talkin abt shit (the movie, the film, the trilogy)

Category: Life

(little tw for sh, but i dont go into detail) *uses this website as my personal diary with no shits given* g'mornin. so Whatz Up w me. well. idk yet. im going 2 see the doctor soon abt either increasing my dosage of my zoloft, or switching to a diff medication entirely. probably also gonna be thrown into therapy for the uh. physical damage. and for making a medical doctor peep the horror (4 som re... » Continue Reading

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hi :3

Category: Friends

HI i kinda want more friends on here, preferably adults (plz). im a little uhhh what the kids may call Unstable but i do my best 2 be kind :3 sometimes i post pictures of my pets nd share music!!! my only dni is no racists or transphobes, anti-kin, mspec gays/lesbians, or endos/supporters. other than tht idrc who adds me lolz » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

so today i brought home a pair of budgies !! the cage has been empty ever since my boy tilo passed in april (i still miss him a lot), but after preparing myself & getting more stuff i need, i got 2 little green dudes!! they dont have names yet! my favorites so far are glep & smormu, and hank & dean. heres som pics frm the pet store (cuz i dont wanna bother them w the camera, they need time 2 adjus... » Continue Reading

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brb ending it all

Category: Life

so yknow how i said i was going 2 see the babyklok tour this month. haha nvm. im actually really   upset  about it but. fuck. yeah first our hotel wasnt gonna be available. and now my friend who was gonna drive us cant get time off work to go. and hes been having car problems. so the universe just flipped us off. im actually crying abt it bc i wanted 2 go so so bad and we spent so fucking much on ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

man my period kicked my ASS this month. jfc. i got so depressed it fucking fucked w/ my celebration of the epagomenal days, and it especially pissed me off bc i basically missed set's birthday entirely save for a rly hasty offering. but its ok. im gonna do a big execration for wep ronpet as well as a bunch of cleansing. im doing a lot better now tho. my gf is so so so nice and kind 2 me and im so ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

ive talked abt this before but i hate hate hate modern social media. everyone jus copies twitter or tiktok or whatever, not to the quality of life for users, but so it looks good to advertisers & investors. thats y i make my own websites. and i am slowly migrating All my stuff there bc im getting sick of social media sucking so hard. why cant devs stop fucking selling out and pissing off the userb... » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


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im effing tired (kind of a vent idk)

Category: Life

comments r off cuz this is just me talkin but. idk. there are things tht make me happy for a Moment but in the long run everything looks bleak and shitty. its supposed to be pride month but i just wanna fuckin go away and never come back bc all these transphobic dickweeds call you a groomer and try to shove a bible up their ass when they hate you more than they claim to love. jesus was a fucking c... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

helo im high rn. so sorry if this is incomprehensible. i lov my plushies they r alive to me. vry good pals!!! mayb its cuz im autistic. also bc im high, maaaaybe. im VERY sleepy in the body but my brain is wide awake O_O hmmmmmmmm hm hm hm. dats all i gots to say. l8r sk8rs. » Continue Reading

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