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im effing tired (kind of a vent idk)

comments r off cuz this is just me talkin but. idk. there are things tht make me happy for a Moment but in the long run everything looks bleak and shitty. its supposed to be pride month but i just wanna fuckin go away and never come back bc all these transphobic dickweeds call you a groomer and try to shove a bible up their ass when they hate you more than they claim to love. jesus was a fucking commie, he'd LOVE trans people. im not even christian. fuck off. 

it just seems like a fucking load of shit. they wanna make all these bills and laws to "protect kids" when its all just a dogwhistle to underhandedly ban lgbt existence. yknow who else gradually outlawed a group's traditions and culture in order to kill them. literally everyone who's done genocide ever. bc thats how it starts. its all fucking bullshit. they want us dead. why do you think they find "41%" so fucking funny. its a joke to them. its shit. its all shit. im tired of transphobes and bigots and all these ASSHOLES in power. 

the only good thing i have rn is my wife my dog & music. idk. i just need to have a good cry. maybe ill feel a bit less death murder infinite darkness rage blood kill violence after . i dunno. thanks for reading/hearin me out ig i promise im not like this always

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