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talkin abt shit (the movie, the film, the trilogy)

(little tw for sh, but i dont go into detail)

*uses this website as my personal diary with no shits given* g'mornin.

so Whatz Up w me. well. idk yet. im going 2 see the doctor soon abt either increasing my dosage of my zoloft, or switching to a diff medication entirely. probably also gonna be thrown into therapy for the uh. physical damage. and for making a medical doctor peep the horror (4 som reason i feel like mental health disturbs them more...idk)

but yea idk. ive been very dissociated and feeling like. i either dont exist or i no longer want to exist. rly the only thing keeping me rn is tht i havent made anything good yet. i need to live long enough 2 make smth RLY good. im talkin a Banger of a thing. art, babey!!!! yaye!!!!

its all rly fucked an existential. but im rly gr8ful even for y'all, my silly internet fwiends. even if we dont talk at all nd only see each other in passing!! toki luvs u!!! 

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