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silly quiz results :]]

Category: Quiz/Survey

I am Mario . I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Fedora . The hat of the adventurous, I am spontaneous and active, perhaps sometimes a litt... » Continue Reading

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link directory !!

Category: SpaceHey

these are a list of my links !! they’re put into different sections for your convenience :P ANON SENDING secret share draw share curiouscat SOCIAL SITES/PLACES I TALK discord discord server friend project CARRD + EXTRAS  carrd clothes i would wear (pinterest) kin list (pinterest) oc facts + voices oc/sona backstories fian (my story *kinda*) lore DELETED secret/draw share content the fawn + the wit... » Continue Reading

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about me!!

Category: Blogging

spectrum :33 pronouns page :333 hihii, i’m lemon/TA/nep ! i'm 17 (turning 18 on october 20th) i go by he/they/moon/star/bite pronouns :3 demi (sexual+romantic) + mlm i’m POC (and chubby lmfao) :00 ENFP-T prospit dreamer knight of rage i’m intermediate in ASL and i understand some wingdings X3 i really like dead by daylight and homestuck :3 silly lil guiy EST is my timezone owo video gamer examples... » Continue Reading

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TA’s dreams 2 (omggg)

Category: Blogging

6.18.23 this one was weird. it was some weird love triangle between me the mario bros and peach. it was somethin. if they weren’t posting up with a villain they’d be trying to persuade me. we all stayed on a giant island that had a buuunch to do. like at some point i went boat riding with luigi n stuff like that. we’d adventure about too. like we seen a cemetery that had (and this seems really fam... » Continue Reading

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TA's dreams (oh wow :00)

Category: Life

6.3.23 to be completely honest, i have no idea what was going on. at first, i was in a really rich but omious man's home. we had some sort of task that had to take place on a giant cruise ship for some reason. when we got onto the cruise, the other individuals i was with went their own ways to enjoy the festivities. it immediately went downhill. one person fell off of the ship, another person scar... » Continue Reading

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totally cool pokemon “gym” idea

Category: Games

(idk if this exists but i like it so—) a gym leader that possesses an entire forest, thinks they’re a gym leader (which is their reason on why they’re stuck in the forest) that has dark, ghost, or psychic pokemon with a galarian meowth for some reason. when they lose, they will give the trainer a trinket (be a button or an old hairclip) that is their “gym badge”. heres their potential team: -genga... » Continue Reading

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100 adds!

Category: Friends

100 adds = 100 friends!!!  » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

spacehey keeps going down L » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

loving being in a relationship is so cool but at the same time its so scary, like i wanna be happy loving someone while doing my own thing but i dunno if the person actually loves me back or if its something else :[[ » Continue Reading

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the yak song

Category: Music

the yak song by vylet pony is such a funky song!! it makes me want to start going HARD!! plus, its pretty relatable :3 » Continue Reading

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