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TA's dreams (oh wow :00)


to be completely honest, i have no idea what was going on. at first, i was in a really rich but omious man's home. we had some sort of task that had to take place on a giant cruise ship for some reason. when we got onto the cruise, the other individuals i was with went their own ways to enjoy the festivities. it immediately went downhill. one person fell off of the ship, another person scared MANY people into just running away. i dont really remember what happened after all of that, but i do remember being magically teleported to new york for some reason. like, just popped onto one of those busses that tour you around the big places. but, it was so discorded to the point where i just DIDNT leave the bus. there were places merged with a buncha other places and it was too hard to get off with all of the internal "wtf" that was going on in my head (dream head? i think). after some point, i just, delt with it. like i just sat and watched all of the places combine with other places. after some point i got tired there and woke up here-

6.4.23 // TW death (dog + human)

roblox time YAAAAA, this dream was with my roblox character (me), a character that apparently is close friends with my roblox character, and a substitute teacher (for, some reason). we all went to school and me and my friend were apart of the JROTC program (i was never apart of it, so waking up i immediately went “…what?”). all of the JROTC kids were going on a field trip and the major was really REALLY strict on what went on when we were under his care. (also to mention he had a dog for some reason?) however, i REALLY had to pee. so i was running around trying to go to the bathroom with my friend after he repeatedly said no. i ended up having to ask a substitute teacher due to the major just not letting me go. “hey,” i said “are you a teacher?” the substitute immediately said, “well, im a substitute, and im teaching right now, so yes!” he was really optimistic, i loved it uwu. the substitute gave me approval to use the bathroom and that is what i did. 

later on, we were sitting in the lunch room and the major’s dog just came in, no major, no tags, nothing. he just stuck by us, kinda like he was hiding. after some point me and my friend brought him back to the major (though he seemed kinda eugh at that current moment) and went home. 

i went from sleeping to seeing something. the gym to be exact. everything was getting ready for one of those dumb parties the school has sometimes and the major, he had a large container of something connected to the gym floor and he had his dog in it. the dog was practically silent due to having no idea how long its been in there. the dog struggled to get out but just couldn’t. his body was practically melting away. all the major did was close the floor-door to the container and walked away. the next day was awfully boring after that. me and my friend bullshitted around a bunch and simply did a lotta fun stuff, had a lotta laughs, etc. until it was time to go home again. 

however, the major wanted to see my friend. he practically demanded me to go home and my friend seemed…okay? she was kinda scared but told me to go home anyway. i was worried. and i damn well had a reason to be. DAY ONE, i noticed that my friend didn’t come to school. oh well, might be sick or something, i will text her after school. DAY TWO, she still wasn’t here. the major seemed more hyper focused on me. it was…creepy. 

on the night of day two, the major went to see his newfound victims in the container. my friend and the substitute teacher. they begged and pleaded to be let go and the only thing he’d say is, “one more day, then you’ll be done.”

DAY THREE was when i started to worry on a large amount. there were missing posters for both her and the substitute teacher up throughout the school. i promised myself i’d look after school for at least my friend. however the major had other plans. he told me to stay back like he did my friend. suspicious, right? it was after school, practically no one was there, it was just odd. he led me to the gym where the floor was already opened. there were sounds of screaming and splashing as the liquid was finally getting to my friend and the substitute teacher. i stood there in horror. the major started to laugh as he ran towards me. my first reaction was to just bolt and get some stuff for self defense. he was chasing me, there was no time to think. i grabbed a crowbar, then woke up. its so smelly that i woke up >:[[[[


last night it was nothing but la la la by naughty boy and sam smith. thats all. thats the dream- there was smthn about falling too but i dont rlly remember this time lmfao (good song tho highly recommend)


no dream, just an empty void


tbch i had two last night due to constantly falling asleep and waking up. they fused together so i dont- remember- *sad noises*

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