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TA’s dreams 2 (omggg)


this one was weird. it was some weird love triangle between me the mario bros and peach. it was somethin. if they weren’t posting up with a villain they’d be trying to persuade me. we all stayed on a giant island that had a buuunch to do. like at some point i went boat riding with luigi n stuff like that.

we’d adventure about too. like we seen a cemetery that had (and this seems really familiar so i might have had a dream connected to this one—) a peach grave but the grave letters had cake in them. mario seemed careless about it when i asked about it but i didn’t mind. 

this is when it got a little scary. peach took me when the bros weren’t paying attention and took me to the shores where a bus was floating on the water. we got in and she made it go. i had no idea where we were going so i just calmed down. we talked about a bunch on our way to where ever we were going. when we got there, a buncha people (probably exiles) came in and a mini party started. 

when it was time to go, me and peach continued to talk about random stuff. i noticed a big bubble was put around the island and any surrounding islands and said something to peach about it. she seemed, unphased? careless. the water color (hell the whole sky) changed and the waves were more intense. turns out there were giant water type pokemon surrounding the area and they were hard defense. they were violently moving in the water and boats from past people and bodies just piled up. one of the pokemon even tore off the top of the bus. i made an idea of grabbing one of the pokemon belts from one of the boats and used one of the three balls. it had a wailord in it that practically toppled over the bus trying to get in the water. peach fell out.  noticed there was a island nearby but swam to get the princess first. after that i swam to the island and looked in fear at the madness happening just beyond the shore of this peace. 

the last two balls on the belt i stole were thrown. it was a raichu and a lucario. i begged them to take care of her and then passed out or died lmfao.

this scared me and confused me at the same time *sits in my corner and practically sobs*


p much my mom was friends with bro (strider) and dave miller (dsaf purple guy) and we all recently moved in the same apartment complex. dave was couch hopping for some reason lol. we were hanging out at bro’s house, for some reason he had a wife that was cheating on him, mom thought she was attractive but didn’t wanna fuck with her. i was chilling out in the living room with some random kid that was there for some reason. later on bro and dave miller (dave strider was in the bathroom the entire fucking time, found out cause mom opened the bathroom door and he let out a fucking scream) crashed into the door and just sat on the couch. after hellos mom, dave m, and bro were just vibing and having conversation

things went downhill hella quick though. i said a joke that didn’t really sit right with mom and she kept threatening to fight me and kick me out lol. then bro chimed in and just degraded me for not being able to fight. it hurt lmfao. but dave m. left at this point, he didn’t wanna deal with this. and i got mad about all of it so i just fucking threw something out a window with an air conditioner in it and tried running out, but bro grabbed me and tried keeping me in. so i bit him, ran out the front door, and the last thing i heard was “pack your shit”-

i went back to moms house and struggled with the door (for some reason we had electronic doors that mom could just change who had access to) and i just started sobbing. then dave m. came up and just kicked the door down. like just kicked it off its hinges. 

he told me that i could just go with him and to pack my stuff, i’ll be okay. so i did. after i packed my shit we drove away, got to an airport, and got on a plane to india for some reason. right when we got there, he immediately fucked up by driving into SEVERAL incoming travel trains, but we survived. but then the police got us for that and brought us in for questioning. 

i already had this dream before so i kinda, had a lotta in dream deja vu and got pissed cause i KNEW they would put me in the haha toys n shit kids room. so i told someone who had immigrated to india from america that i didn’t wanna be put in the kiddie room. they kinda disrespected me so i just straight up attacked the lady. and several other officers. after being tackled down i just yelled “dad im scared” to dave m.

i woke up after seeing him cry at me calling him dad.

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