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The Confidence Boost

Category: School, College, University

Man, there are no words to describe the confidence boost seeing my university classmates' faces gave me. Seeing so many fat and oily people in a school really gave me a confidence boost, knowing I wasn't like that. Even the women! I honestly don't know what I was expecting, although I guess I shouldn't have expected much better from students at a school like mine. Technology schools aren't notorio... » Continue Reading

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Have I met too many people?

Category: Friends

Ever since first grade (I'm a college freshman now), I did not spend two complete consecutive years in the same school. I was constantly going to a new school, city, state, or country. Every year, I had a brand new set of friends, a slightly different set of social norms to adhere to. As the years went on, I began to see the same eyes in different people. I would meet someone who was similar to so... » Continue Reading

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Recreational drugs are lame.

Category: Religion and Philosophy

No, I'm not your parents whose only argument against drugs is a religious one. I don't think weed literally rots your brain. I'm actually pro-legalization. But I think it's still a stupid thing to do. There's literally no benefit to recreational drug use aside from "It makes me feel good," which, even then, is a stupid argument because all it does is show how you refuse to self-improve and would r... » Continue Reading

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Cool new people!

Category: SpaceHey

There's a limited set of different people you'll see joining SpaceHey via the 'Cool New People' function you see in your 'Home' page. - anime pfp - girl who obviously has a bad relationship with her father - cartoon screenshot - dollar store version of marilyn manson - man with blank stare  » Continue Reading

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You're cute, except you're not.

Category: Romance and Relationships

I think some people should learn to make the distinction of their quirky online persona and their actual, professional self.  For example, I love chicks who keep plushies around and enjoy being childish at home. It's adorable, it's a reason for me to get all protective (which feels fantastic), it's fun. What's unbearable is when you discover that they literally have the mental capacity of a five y... » Continue Reading

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College students are their own worst enemy.

Category: School, College, University

When I was younger, I always imagined being a college student was filled with a ton of responsibilities while presenting limitless freedom. What I had understood it from movies and online discussions was that college was this massive feat, this way of life that would take up most of your time, that would leave you with no choice but to focus on your education. I had heard the stories of students, ... » Continue Reading

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How do I make my hair less oily?

Category: Life

This is the worst. My hair gets extremely oily extremely quickly. I can take a shower in the morning, and by the end of the day, I'll need to wash my hair. When it's oily, it gets heavy, and falls on my face and gets into my eyes.  What solutions would you guys have? It gets a little annoying to have to wash my hair twice a day.  » Continue Reading

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