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so i might have almost gotten human trafficked today

Category: Automotive

lmao yeah it was scary some guy saw me in a parking lot and offered to fix a broken part of my car but it was extremely sketchy and scary bc i was by myself. » Continue Reading

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updated pfp!

Category: Parties and Nightlife

i changed my pfp to a pic i took the other day with my new blonde hair  » Continue Reading

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I am a blonde officially

Category: Blogging

tbh being blonde has made me so much more confident i am so happy i took a leap of faith and decided to do it and its true blondes have more fun i stand out in a room of people now which i really like and ive been getting so many compliments on my hair its awesome go silvery platinum blonde guys. » Continue Reading

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i'm going platinum blonde on friday the 13th

Category: Life

i finally cut off that toxic ass friendship i was talking about a few days ago. we've known each other for almost 3 years now but i feel like the only reason i kept going back to him was becuase i wanted his validation so bad but now i don't anymore. i confronted him about how i felt because i just felt very under-valued and not cared about even though this is not a new discussion and ive told him... » Continue Reading

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the bruins won btw

Category: Parties and Nightlife

my last blog post was abt the winter classic and man i must say that shit was a crazy ass game it was so intense. i’m glad the bruins won though i was rooting for them. anyways fuck him and his stupid ass ex it’s like kill bill but with a little twist.  » Continue Reading

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Category: Sports

i am so unbelievably excited you guys have no idea i’ve never been able to watch the winter classic before so i’m pumped. it’s the penguins vs the bruins and honestly i’m putting my money on the bruins. idk i just have a feeling deep down they’re gonna win this year but who knows. i don’t super closely follow the penguins or the bruins like i do with the lightning so i don’t really specifically kn... » Continue Reading

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learning that nobody is cool

Category: Life

last night i was up late thinking to myself as per usual and i decided to play this one episode from emma chamberlain's "anything goes"(ill put the link here below for anyone who wants to give it a listen) as i was deep in thought i finally realized that literally nobody is cool. you may see someone's social media and thin... » Continue Reading

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growing up and getting old

Category: Life

today i woke up at the ripe time of 5:45am and drove myself out to the beach for the sunrise. i brought my little book and sat on the beach (didnt even swim or wear a swim suit) and read for a solid 3 hours. then i listened to a podcast, had lunch, visited an antique store, and went home (all by myself might i add). is that not old lady behavior or what?? i sit here today typing my silly little th... » Continue Reading

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life update - are people still on spacehey?

Category: Blogging

since i have been on here last: -i had a gf and then we broke up (it was messy never again pls) -started getting chronic nosebleeds? -had nasal surgery so i can actually breathe -got a car  -got diagnosed with adhd -tried concerta and hated that shit so much ong -shrunk an inch? idk my license says im 5'5" but every time i go to the doctor they say im 5'4" -had an entire identity crisis (still goi... » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

so i went downstairs this morning to get a bagel and my little sister has literally been following me around everywhere and she doesnt even like bagels. shes been watching me respond to everyones bulletins and she wanted to respond to some of you so say hi rn or else. » Continue Reading

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i just sneezed

Category: Religion and Philosophy

3 times actually and nobody said bless you :'( » Continue Reading

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