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i live in north carolina, genderfluid (they/he/it) wanna Ft? Lol

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Category: Blogging

Hi, so ik it's been ... A while lolz i got a job, took a break from cosplaying on tik tok and got into it with a whole bunch of ppl... Well one his name is Carlos... :/ he was a mistake never should've let him hit ... And twice too LMAO i was dumb and just wanted di k and just to feel something, im doing better now i hang with my friends and im enjoying life ... Except for the random ass mood swin... » Continue Reading

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Skipping LOLOL

Category: School, College, University

so im in art class right LMAO we have a sub for like the 3rd time this week and im pretty sure he quite bc his wife did too (they worked here togther... or used to XDDDD) but we have another sub everyday and he don't pay attention AT ALL so we walked out without telling him and skipped like 25 mins of class, and turns outi wasnt the only one, 3 other girls from the same class was too XD we was in ... » Continue Reading

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a big fight ... lol

Category: School, College, University

(this has already been posted as a bulliten (or however ya spell it lolol) so if anyone wanted to know) So,    yeah i almost got into a fight and it wasn't my fault and it was stupid to fight over, so i was running late and almost missed my bus so i'm going to school with no makeup on looking like a piece of Balogney , i get to class and i forgot my school id so i get a paper one from school *time... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

so if u didn't know there's this new kid in my art class and last week he was non stop stairing me down and i just found out why (TnT) he knows my cousins on my mum step cousins side and he told me that we look alike ( we don't ) and that we meet before when we was younger .... just so all know i have poor memory so just so he could prove himself i told him to name people we both know and ... HE W... » Continue Reading

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rainy day

Category: Books and Stories

so its raining today lol i love the rain, its so calm, i also like the act that i live i north carolina bc its so many pretty forest (s) o have these cool woods around my area and one day 2 1/2 years ago i found some turtle shell and some of its spin bones, oh that will be a day i would never forget, such a lovely day, have ya'll noticed that i like animal bones yet XDDD likei wouldnt kill somethi... » Continue Reading

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school vent

Category: School, College, University

i know that i'm starting to complainig a lot on here but i had asked my teacher to change seat and instead of moving me he gonna switch the seat from the person who sits next to me ..... THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED AND IT PISSED ME OFF so tomarrow i'm gonna sit in the seat that  want to without any complaints bc idgaf and just so yall know he put me dead smack in the middle of the room... i cant hand... » Continue Reading

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arrt class

Category: Art and Photography

Ngl... my art class kinda suck bc no one talks in here and its too quite for me but the good part is that art is my first class and that means i wont have to worry abt the mood ruining my time throughout the day bc it comes first ... ofc all my other classes are fun and not so quite  (mainly bc i be hyping the whole class upppp- BUT WE WON'T GET INTO THAT LOLOLOL)  but anyways how was yall day / n... » Continue Reading

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im sorry lolz XDD

Category: Blogging

idk if im supossed to do blogs like how i am with bulletins so plz someone tell me if bulletins and blogs are the same bc if they are then i will be on here a lot more :) » Continue Reading

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Video games

Category: Games

What games do yall have and on a scale from 1-10 rate it. I wanna buy a game but i wanna know some others opinion on it » Continue Reading

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