school vent

i know that i'm starting to complainig a lot on here but i had asked my teacher to change seat and instead of moving me he gonna switch the seat from the person who sits next to me ..... THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED AND IT PISSED ME OFF so tomarrow i'm gonna sit in the seat that  want to without any complaints bc idgaf and just so yall know he put me dead smack in the middle of the room... i cant handle being in the middle of things i get overwlmed and i start to blank out .... i just hope that he ont say anything tm bc ive told him that beig in the middle makes me ucofortable and he didn't listen .... UGHHHH arlbnirnaflnrlfr bmfk 

just realised i have a lotta typos ... i'm so strest out i cant event type right 😭

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That’s rough. Best of luck though

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