Hi, so ik it's been ... A while lolz i got a job, took a break from cosplaying on tik tok and got into it with a whole bunch of ppl... Well one his name is Carlos... :/ he was a mistake never should've let him hit ... And twice too LMAO i was dumb and just wanted di k and just to feel something, im doing better now i hang with my friends and im enjoying life ... Except for the random ass mood swings ... I think i have bpd but ik i don't it's just a tbought just comes across my mind when im just thinking lolz, but ik i have SPD ( Sensory process disorder ) not a lotta ppl knkw what that is but i be letting them know, oh and theres this person... Omg there so pretty and they make me happy .. Like alot and we're gling on a movie date soon but also like not a date bc me and her are both A-Romantic so ill just be hanging out ... With some kissing involved and maybe other stuff ... But idk yet hopefully ill stay on here more and don't go off the face of the earth LMAO, Oooo my mum just called me and told me that my dad sent me $300 for school shopping, i got a few things alr but this 300 will come in hand, also my dad moved with his wife from Illinois (where im from) to texas, if u look in my bio u can see that thats alot closer to me now ... I wonder why he moved to Texas of all places, idk but as long as hes happy ig ... I bet he's not lol but that aint my business EHEHEH, daisy(my dog (life support) lol)  is doing alr, i hate when daisy meet new ppl and she's all over them, i only want her to be with me and me only , sometimes amir, (lil brother) like when my friend Sweater came over Daisy was all up under sweat and i got so mad bc that's MY dog, that's MY emotional support pet, but oh well there not here so it doesn't botber me what so ever, also this school year im hkeing around bc i can and im hot and bc ik im better than everyone especially Zendea, the world is gonna know my name and ill be known for something exciting, no mater how bad it is idv i want ppl to know that i exist :) lol .. My god complex is starting to show, i should probably go, i don't keep promises but i hope that i come back and keep u guys updated, anygays BBYYYEEEEE......... -STONE

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