Skipping LOLOL

so im in art class right LMAO we have a sub for like the 3rd time this week and im pretty sure he quite bc his wife did too (they worked here togther... or used to XDDDD) but we have another sub everyday and he don't pay attention AT ALL so we walked out without telling him and skipped like 25 mins of class, and turns outi wasnt the only one, 3 other girls from the same class was too XD

we was in the bathroom dancing on TT and laughing, but when we left some random was at the end of the hall waiting on one of the girls with us and as we walked down the hall and turned the corner everyone but me started to run bc the random behind us was folowing us and when i looked back he pasted me and called out to the girl he was trying to put back into his class LOL XDDD, but when i walked into my classroom like nothing happened i saw one of the girls sitting at her desk just laughng, so i asked where the others where and she said that they both ran ddown the halls and hid in the stair way, abt 4 minutes later we hear theem coming back in the class room all loud and stuff while another teacher was waiting on them so they got in trouble and me and another girl didnt but it was fun, and worth it XDDD

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