so if u didn't know there's this new kid in my art class and last week he was non stop stairing me down and i just found out why (TnT) he knows my cousins on my mum step cousins side and he told me that we look alike ( we don't ) and that we meet before when we was younger .... just so all know i have poor memory so just so he could prove himself i told him to name people we both know and ... HE WAS RIGHT!!!! i told him that he didn't have to be all weird on the first day just looking at me and stuff and he apologized lolol ... but one thing hat kinda scares me is the fact that he wears an ankle monotor... yuhhhh imma leave it at that lolol TTLY <3 ( srry yet again for the typo's )

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are you in high school or college? a freaking ankle monitor????

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high school but it feels like forever lolol

by 🖤🪨STONE🪨🖤; ; Report

everything goes quickly after high school lol

by Nimthiriel; ; Report

ya im almost there lolol

by 🖤🪨STONE🪨🖤; ; Report