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top 5 "foods" [2]

Category: Blogging

Hi this is the second post from the  top 5  series :000 I really think I should create a layout for my blog but that's sooooooo long ;_; Maybe in the next 237 years perhaps. Anyways yh. Top 5 foods. 5. McCoy's Thai Sweet Chicken Now I apologise in advance if you were looking for some sort of 3 star Michelin meals, I can guarantee you will not find that here x_x. tbh the whole entire time I was jus... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Manyland is a really cool 2D Sandbox virtual world game that was around at the same time of the likes of many other virtual world games you probably remember playing as a child. The only difference is, this one's not dead.  Well, not literally dead is what I should say. However, it certainly hasn't been alive like it was all the way in 2014. Now I don't gain anything from advertising this amazing ... » Continue Reading

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fav songs to use as a background

Category: Music

fireman - jawbreaker into the lungs of hell - megadeth there's a good reason these tables are numberejrgrsvehjks,d - p!atd 10 rings - pencey prep don quixote - pencey prep turn the lights off - tally hall angel of death - slayer .44 caliber love letter - alexisonfire unlisted track - jawbreaker almost any mcr song (except maybe destroya lmao) the whole of xo - leathermouth (including leviathan >:D... » Continue Reading

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things to add to your website that aren't blinkies, stamps, or buttons

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

actually, i've realised that buttons on this website don't get as much love as the others so if you were curious for some, here are some websites: , here's some of the things i found after spending pointless amounts of time on wiby and, other things i've just been told about obviously, WIDGETS: one blog on spa... » Continue Reading

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top 5 worst pet peeves [1]

Category: Blogging

5. When people walk soooooo slowwwwww and take up soooooooo much spaceeeeee Being a slow walker will always be annoying in and of itself, but if you walk slow and take up too much space, like those groups of ppl who take up the whole pavement, you probably look like this in real life (JOOOOOOKEEEESSSSS. or are they?  ಠಿ_ಠ ).  4. When someone answers a question for you, or another person. unprompte... » Continue Reading

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top 5 list zero

Category: Blogging

this is the first ever blog series i will ever be doing and i am so excited for no good reason haha. but welcome to blog series number one calledddd...   top five anything.  now i know the chances of anybody actually reading this are very slim but i'm here to write this blog anyways bc blog series are cool. i might decorate my blog. one day. and i might post a million top fives a day, but that wou... » Continue Reading

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important info

Category: SpaceHey

DNI: The obvious stuff: if you're racist, homophobic, sexist etc. Basically, if you're on a lot of other ppl's DNI lists, you're probably on this one too. Oh yeah, and ppl who only talk abt themselves all the time as well! BYF: - I have a really bad memory so if I haven't responded to you in a long time I haven't ghosted you maybe just send something and I'll remember to reply - I am a little shy ... » Continue Reading

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To Anyone Who Feels Lonely At School

Category: School, College, University

Having no friends in school can take a toll on you sometimes, no shit. But if you ever find yourself feeling down or having doubts about your personality based on this, I just want you to know that the amount of friends you have or your popularity in general doesn't reflect the worth of a person in any sort of way, especially  if the judges are entirely comprised of secondary school (or high schoo... » Continue Reading

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I Can't Sleep Channel

Category: Books and Stories

I was randomly recommended some random YouTube channel called I Can't Sleep (I think the first video I watched was called Oh...), it basically follows the story of a girl who goes through a series of horrifying/concerning events.  There isn't really a name for the main character, however a lot of people choose to call her Nia, short for Insomnia and the general consensus amongst most of the viewer... » Continue Reading

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