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About Me!

Category: Life

Hello everyone who's viewing the stuff I write for fun! This is a short blog to introduce myself and make you get to know me a little bit better. My name is Alaz Do─ču but I mostly use Alaz online because it's easier to pronounciate for English speakers. I am 17 and a trans boy. I am not currently on HRT but I have plans for it. I am socially well transitioned though. I use he/him pronouns and I am... » Continue Reading

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Smoking and Life

Category: Life

It's the Alaz blogging time!  School has started and i am literally suffering. Since I am now a senior all the classes are so heavy and even though its the second day of the school i am tired as fuuuuck. We have two mock exams that'll take us the whole day, I might not attend the second one though. Social aspect is, well... I switched classes this year and i am having a lil rough time adapting the... » Continue Reading

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Going Back to Dorm Tomorrow

Category: School, College, University

This is my last day at home before I leave for my senior year in high school. I've been trying to pack up since morning and I am so damn tired. Even though I have 3 years of dorm experience I still get a little bit nervous. There's too much stuff I need when I am away from the home and I don't want to leave any of them.  Besides the packing up process, I am very nervous about who I will room with ... » Continue Reading

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Returning To Blogging Often !

Category: Life

Hi everyone, Alaz here again :) A lot of stuff is going on in my life so I decided to start blogging again and more seriously. Let's see how long I can keep doing this, hm?  I am currently at my parents' house but school is starting next Monday so I will be going back to my dorm at Sunday. I had some problems with rooming last year so I don't know who I will room with this year. My fate is in our ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

I want this game for too long oh my gooood, ive been playing fro hours and man. i love these kind of games. steampunk? i LOVE it, city building? bring it in, amazing graphics and art?? lets fucking go  » Continue Reading

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Old sites to find online now icons !! Changing it tutorial

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

wuw its alaz here :D Today im bringing you my archive of  online now icons !!  First of all we need to learn how to change it. Heres the code that you should be using! Let me know if you have any questions ! NOW, Here are the sites  1) 2)  My fave 3) Christmas themed » Continue Reading

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Life stuff ahead

Category: Life

Yupp its Alaz here, updating his life againnn,  yall things are going good or at least better and i am v v happy :D I kind of fixed my relationship with my dad and we are going for a vacation together ;!! its finally summer even though im away from my friends i am very calm and living my life.  I will be back to dorm 20 days later and honestly im looking towards to it! » Continue Reading

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Hows life for me? Summer plans and more

Category: Life

Hello readers! I felt like wrting a blog after a long while, there areso much happening right now and I dont really know what to focus on.  School ended last week and i am currently at home for summer break. I was away from home and family for a long time because i am a boarding school student, mssed it home a lot tbh. I can finally say that i am a senior, thats very teriffying because i have no i... » Continue Reading

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i like cute animals

Category: Pets and Animals

i might look badass but all i want to do is to pet bunnies all day.  » Continue Reading

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Real Glitch In The Matrix stories from Reddit! (Formatted and easy to read)

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Hello today I made a blog about in real life Glitch In The Matrix stories from Reddit. Whether you believe that they are a kind of misunderstanding or we are genuienly in a Matrix with bugs, these stories are really interesting to read.  might trigger derealization or psychotic attacks. be careful if you have a problem with any of these.   First story of the day is by Reddit user Parrot-Tamer At 1... » Continue Reading

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late night smoke and the sadness comes with it

Category: Life

looking at the stars and trying to find a reason to live tomorrow while listening to some angsty shit.   you know,,, life is like this sometimes. scary thoughts as i try to ignore them.  feeling tired as always. feeling sad. but thats fine tomorrow can be better, let me lit another fag » Continue Reading

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Best (imo) mysterious thriller movies: 15 movies with their topics !

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hello everyone todays movie blog is about thriller, horror and mystery ! I'm gonna be listing and talking about my favourite ones in this genre. I hope you enjoy, please leave kudos so i can keep making these!   1.) Se7en  - 1995 Directed by David Fincher SEVEN DEADLY SINS. SEVEN WAYS TO DIE. Two homicide detectives are on a desperate hunt for a serial killer whose crimes are based on the “seven d... » Continue Reading

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