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Smoking and Life

It's the Alaz blogging time! 

School has started and i am literally suffering. Since I am now a senior all the classes are so heavy and even though its the second day of the school i am tired as fuuuuck. We have two mock exams that'll take us the whole day, I might not attend the second one though.

Social aspect is, well... I switched classes this year and i am having a lil rough time adapting the environment but everyone is very nice to me so it's going very well! My new roommates are very nice too. I get along so well with one of them. I think they are queer too. .

It's all going well but tiring. I hope I can get used to the busy schedule quickly.

I hope to write about more details soon, stay safe and happiii!!!

i typed this all while smoking on the balcony with some nice Turkish hiphop :pp feeling goood

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