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About Me!

Hello everyone who's viewing the stuff I write for fun! This is a short blog to introduce myself and make you get to know me a little bit better.

My name is Alaz Doğu but I mostly use Alaz online because it's easier to pronounciate for English speakers. I am 17 and a trans boy. I am not currently on HRT but I have plans for it. I am socially well transitioned though. I use he/him pronouns and I am seventeen, soon to be 18. I am a STEM student and senior in high school. I am from Turkey. I stay at a dorm for school and come back to my parents' house for breaks. 

My life is ehhh, you can call it slightly eventful. I try to share stuff that is interesting or not so interesting albeit has a significant place and importance in my life, here. I am not expecting many interactions but it'd make me so happy if you leave comments on my blogs and bulletins from time to time. Since I will be a senior whos getting ready for the university exam I might be a little late to reply, keep in mind. Even though I like making friends I barely have time to reply to the dms and have long convos, sorry for that too! 

My interests fluctuate a lot but here's a small list of what I love these days:

  • Jack Gyllenhaal and his movies
  • Sonic, (especially the comics!)
  • High fashion 
  • Frostpunk 
  • PJO

Here's some links for you to find me! 




nice to meet you :) 

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