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Hows life for me? Summer plans and more

Hello readers! I felt like wrting a blog after a long while, there areso much happening right now and I dont really know what to focus on. 

School ended last week and i am currently at home for summer break. I was away from home and family for a long time because i am a boarding school student, mssed it home a lot tbh. I can finally say that i am a senior, thats very teriffying because i have no idea what to do. I have some rough plans but thats all. 

What i am looking for is summer !! I will spent a few weeks here at home then i will visit a few diffrent cities with my family, its going to be fun. After that i am going back to my dorm for summer classes. Theyr a little bit diffrent here, i passed all the classes last year and i had a chance to take advanced lessons in the summer. I will be taking the senior years curriculum and some more, all in two months... 

I will be with my friends though and i am plannng to learning how to skate. Ireally wanted to skate since i dont know when and its finally happening this year. Very excited!!

Thats all for now because i need to preserve my energy to do some geometry studies but i will tell you about my chem project next time!!

stay safe alaz loves you all

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