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Returning To Blogging Often !

Hi everyone, Alaz here again :)

A lot of stuff is going on in my life so I decided to start blogging again and more seriously. Let's see how long I can keep doing this, hm? 

I am currently at my parents' house but school is starting next Monday so I will be going back to my dorm at Sunday. I had some problems with rooming last year so I don't know who I will room with this year. My fate is in our dorm headmaster's hands. Im hoping for her to put me in a somewhat tolerable room. 

Leaving this city means I will be also leaving my friends. Makes me sad but I understand, like everyone i have different friend groups in different places so I am looking forwards to see my friends when I go back to the city that my school is in. I miss them and our sessions a lot. It makes me smile that I will be falling into a familiar routine soon. I really miss the independence I have in dorm too. The city that's my school in is too much bigger than where I currently am so there's too much stuff to do and a lot of places to discover. The thought of this will be my last year there makes me a little sad when I think about all the stuff I could do there but didn't have the time or chance although I am very excited my life after highschool so it's a sadnesses that is easy to ignore. 

In here students have assigned classrooms and classmates and everyone in that classroom has the same timetable and teachers. We don't change the classroom that we are in, just our teachers come and go when they have a class with us. Which means you are stuck with the same 20 people for your whole highschool experience. You can't change your classroom unless there's an extraordinary situation. And of fucking course I am the one that who is having that extraordinary case... So I had to change my classroom, I will be in the new classroom when the school starts and that is very stressing when i think of how everyone there know each other so well but I don't have any close or even close-ish friends there. I don't know how this will go but we will see together I guess. I'll update often. 

I am tired of writing and I have a book that's waiting to be read by me so I am ending this blog here. Thanks for sticking around 

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