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Layout Archive (2022 - Present)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Here it will lay my archive of my profile layouts organized by newer to oldest with their corresponding dates. Clickeable images will be added, code wont be shared regardless. I am going to be updating this blog accordingly to the aforementioned. » Continue Reading

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If you are 15 years old or less & saw my profile please read this before sending me a Friend Request!

Category: Friends

Welcome To My Profile but if you send me a request I won't accept it. it will lay there for years depending how old you are at the moment of sending it.                           I do not accept, and make sure not to, whoever is less than 16 years ol » Continue Reading

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Yesterday was a very rough but boring shift at work...

Category: Blogging

14 de julio de 2024 ...for those who dont know, I work at McDonalds... ... Rough mentally, due to an specific coworker advising me to change the way I work already which is strategically and organized to reduce the mess of oil on the floor and avoid the fries to be too soaked in oil cuz where they are placed I notice that it still retains too much oil » Continue Reading

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ZBrush Notes: Learn a few stuff

Category: Art and Photography

the content of these Notes dates back to 2018... who knows! Some stuff can be already done slightly different! Program updates and new stuff is learnt Make sure to save this link on your archives if desired to: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=1111734 22 de febrero de 2024 Whe » Continue Reading

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Sometimes I wished to go to Spacehey to listen some music

Category: SpaceHey

Date: November 11, 2023 Currently Listening: Akiaura - Sleepwalker Mood: Nostalgic, Out of place I have this "nostalgic push" to simply spend some browsing time on this social media while checking out some new songs or something like that. I really hope in the future that Spacehey can evolve to be able to make this come true. I know this was suggest » Continue Reading

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Announcement of Artificial climate today in Puerto Rico [GEO ENGINEERING CLIMATE MUST WATCH!!]

Category: News and Politics

STAY AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THE ARTIFICIAL RAIN TODAY!! THIS IS A CLEAR CRUCIAL WARNING!! NOT A CONSPIRACY!!!         This ain't a natural occurrence , is the result of Chemical Cloud Placing to experiment furth » Continue Reading

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Soon more Poetry blog posts: Public Announcement

Category: Writing and Poetry

I enjoy writing some poetry when inspirations strikes. I mainly write either in english or spanish, there is still a lot of poems I have not yet published here, not because they are in the progress of writing, is just I like to accompany those with some nice simple HTML + CSS coding and background songs. However I think thats the thing that keeps me from publishing properly, as a perfectionist, in... » Continue Reading

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Public Diary Entry: Binging Distress vent (short blog)

Category: Blogging

Mood: Frustrated Date: 23- December- 2022 Currently Listening: Yoyoyo - Petricor Ugh this month has been terrible, awful, disastrous, you name it: anything that point it out on a negative connotation. I was supposed to make it through December properly like I did in November with a med res diet combined with tons of daily exercise. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore I have found myself to... » Continue Reading

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ED Vent Diary Entry: From Disordered Eating to Eating Disorder

Category: Life

Mood: Thoughtful Date: 20 - December - 2022 Currently listening: Sm » Continue Reading

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Maps - You Will Find a Way + My Diary Entry Commentary

Category: Music

Mood: Thoughtful Date: 19-December-2022           Sometimes when the algorithm of Soundclound randomly st » Continue Reading

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Serious question for all: Why do you use Spacehey?

Category: SpaceHey

Mood: Chill Currently Listening: Miss Garrison - Playas Date: 10-December-2022 I'll start - is a breath from the stress of current full algorithmical data-draining social media - I, ironically, have a space for myself (well not so ironical anymore :P) where I feel comfortable to express abo » Continue Reading

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Reading Old blogs on MySpace & Reacting to them #1

Category: Life

Day: 6-December-2022 Time: 7:36pm Mood: Bored Currently Listening: Subliminals like this one embed Here it goes another day... well lets be honest, its already night » Continue Reading

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