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ZBrush Notes: Learn a few stuff

the content of these Notes dates back to 2018... who knows! Some stuff can be already done slightly different! Program updates and new stuff is learnt

Make sure to save this link on your archives if desired to: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=1111734

22 de febrero de 2024

When I was studying at Atlantic, I used to take notes of how to do stuff on the program used so I won't forget. Here it is some of those useful Notes, some of them are unfinished and some of them are written in spanish for obvious reasons. Either way I hope they help you out the same way they still help me!

I'm still going to edit this simple document the more I learn  [if I do so]!

Two edits:
Edit 1: is at the side of "Draw"
Edit 2: small windows between
          Draw and File windows

To move object: ALT
Quicksave shortcut: 9
• Zoom In and Zoom Out: + & -
To drag object: Hold Alt and move
Geometry -> Dynamesh -> clickable Dynamesh

To save project [IMPORTANT]:
Right side of the screen "Tools"
-> Save As

To expand Viewport:
Document -> Click "New Document" [Make sure the WSide is activated]

Once the basic figure is chosen click at Edit 1.

Create a mask:
Hold CTRL and "draw"

To erase mask:

To make the geometry transparent:
Go to Transform -> click on "TRANSP"

To do an Ear:
Create a mask -> Go to Subtools --> go down to Extract ---> Thickness set to 0.07 ----> click Extract -----> ACCEPT to avoid it disappear
Click MOVE -> unlock the lock -->  move it to the ear at the side ---> Lock it ----> Rotate outside

To do an Eye:
Expand the brush wide enough without going out from the object -> Hold ALT and circle movement --> go to brushes and select 14 IMM Primitives ---> Select Insert Sphere ----> hold SHIFT  and drag to place it right -----> Go to Subtools, Click Split ------> Click Unmasked Points

Make sure Extract is at Thickness 0.07

Note: Everytime you use Extract, click on the 2nd Extract that appears and click ACCEPT

(Not full detailed instructions, INCOMPLETE)

For the Pivot:
Click on the Move at the right side of Draw
Divide: es para detallar(aumento de pixeles) [preferiblemente utilizarlo cuando la pieza está completa] 

Dynamesh: es para esculpir. Aumento de geometría o disminución (preferiblemente usarlo mientras se esculpe)

To create pores:
Go to the Alpha Settings and click on Alpha07

Material: SkinShade4
Turn on: Mrgb
Then go to Color and select FillObject
Turn off: Zadd and Zsub

Rendering the sculpture:
Turn off Dynamesh -> go to the Alpha Brushes and select the Alpha07 to do the pores --> Hold ALT to make the pores while 'brushing' and press SHIFT occasionally to soften it ---> go to the Color file and click on FillObject ----> Material must be changed to SkinShade4

How to put a texture:
Go to Texture -> Import and open --> click on the picture in Textures ---> Click on Add to Spotlight (scale is to zoom in or zoom out) ----> scale it, edit it to be closer(similar) to the sculpt -----> Alpha must be turned off---> Second brush in "Free Hand" --> Standard brush set to Paint -----> Press Z -> set Spotlight and edit the Picture ---> scale a little the Spotlight radius ----> paint the object

Photoshop edit for Brushes:
Click on "Create a New Fill" [●]-> Add Black and White --> Add a new layer ---> Select Multiply ----> Select the "Paint Bucket tool" and click it on the image, be sure to be in black -----> Click on the Brush Tool ------> Make sure the Brush stroke is in "Soft Round" -------> Make sure the colors are inverted (White not Black) and size up the Brush --------> click on the image NOTE: Save as JPEG

Sculpting Brushes:
Take a Plane3D -> Click on Make Polymesh 3D --> Go to Divide on Geometry session ---> click on it until poly count reaches 1million

When copy the same body in another subtool and desire to leave the hands alone(Dynamesh fix):
Go to Modify Topology -> Click on Delete Hidden [Del Hidden] -->
Go to Dynamesh ---> Set Resolution to 242 ----> Click on Dynamesh

To isolate a piece:
Control (Mac iOS <COMAND>) + SHIFT -> Drag  around the piece desired to isolate

To Isolate a piece(Return):
Hold Control(Mac iOS <COMAND>) + SHIFT -> click outside

To Hollow out a piece in the sculpture:
Mask the area wished to hollow out -> go to Subtools --> Split Unmasked Point ---> Erase the Split (Delete) ----> Select sculpt----> Select brush Curve Bridge -----> Drag the area until the "masked part" and click shift (do it in front and back [Masks])

• Si el trabajo que se realiza no sale en los dos lados aun usando la simetría continua hasta que llegues al resultado deseado luego se va a Geometry -> Modify Topology --> Mirror And Weld

• Si el Mirror and Weld no funciona tendrías que ir al menú de Deformation y le presionaba Mirror para invertirlo, luego  utilizas el Mirror And Weld

Instant design:
Make a design using mask -> Hold Control + Alt and click out (mask will get darker) --> Hold Control only to invert mask ---> Double the size of the brush ----> Pass it in the "Unmasked" area -----> Control and drag outside

If Symetry it isn't working properly:
Go to Modify Topology -> Mirror And Weld

To put background images:
Activate the Floor -> Go to Draw --> Front Back ---> Map 1 ----> Upload picture

If cannot insert a new geometry:
You might have clicked Divided -> go to Del Lower

To duplicate a geometry:

How to create brushes manually (without pictures):
Go to where the geometric figures are -> Choose PM3D-Plane3D --> click on "Make PolyMesh 3D" ---> Go to Geometry and deactivate the option Subdivide Smooth Modifier[SMT] ----> Click Divide until the PolyCount  reaches 1million -----> Create the design for the brush (NOTE: It CANNOT touch any borders) ------> Once done, Go to brushes -------> Click on "Create MultiAlpha Brush" --------> Try it out, play with Intensity(Z Intensity) and Focal Shift  ----------> When done testing, Go to brushes again  ----------> Click on "Save As" -----------> Assign a name to the brush made

NOTE: The brushes does not save in the program automatically but outside of it

To use customized Brushes

Click where the brushes are -> go down --> Click on Load Brush ---> Select desired customized brush ----> Done

NOTE: You have to repeat these steps every time You use a customized brush

If for some reason you had done a "screenshot" (nothing seems to be working and it's overlapping everything else):

How to make a bridge in 2 seconds:
Go to move-> Click on the gear --> click on Bend Arc option ---> curve moving the center green arrow ----> adjust at likings -----> click accept to make it permanent and done


3D Printer:
Ender III

• Keep practicing, do tutorials to help and understanding the program and how to work

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