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If you are 15 years old or less & saw my profile please read this before sending me a Friend Request!

Welcome To My Profile

but if you send me a request I won't accept it.

it will lay there for years depending how old you are at the moment of sending it.

                          I do not accept, and make sure not to, whoever is less than 16 years old. Why? Because this is my space; in my bulletins, I'm raw. I speak of many issues that some at that age you are susceptible to being easily influenced whenever it is all unintentionally.

I'm also not here to babysit & curate my raw content to be less triggering just because you feel uncomfortable I said "Fuck", vent about my mental health issues or any other word that nowadays everyone puts a Trigger Warning for. This doesnt exist here. Unless I feel like to which is practically almost never or done way differently. 

Because you are responsible for what you see on the internet & your parents should be the ones monitoring the content you see on the internet, not me.

I am not saying that you are not susceptible to being influenced by topics, my vents and more at 16 years old. But at this age I expect you (like I was when I was a teen like you) to have a better mind and understand some of the issues I speak about, a slightly more independent mindset, to be honest. 

Spacehey is a social media that has no algorithms & is all chronological so you search for what you wish to see currently, just how internet normally is.

So please, all I ask from you is to refrain sending me friend requests. If I ever do so & you are below 16y/o, my apologies, is likely that I sorely focused on the cool profile layout & forgot to read. You all are free to either block me, deny the request as you feel comfortable. Dont worry, I do not take such actions as personal.

I hope you all understand & I wish you the best in life both now in the present & in the future!

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