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11.29.2021-- Buttrock Bangers

Category: Blogging

DEAR DIARY (OF JANE) And we are back with another midnight journal! Is it really a journal though if I keep the entry public? I really am a sucker for wearing my heart on my sleeve. I was reserved for years though, and I finally found a decent outlet for my adult angst.  I promise this entry will be nowhere near as dark as my previous one. No description of dead bodies or anything...but the feelin... » Continue Reading

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11.27.2021-- Hospital Nightmares

Category: Life

TW: DEATH, COVID-19, HOSPITALS No job ever compares to working in health care. You see a lot of things that most do not in the hospital. Grocery stores, fast food, all other essential jobs are difficult in their own ways. Ways I cannot even handle, but surprisingly for the most part, what I can handle is seeing the critically ill and even the dead, almost daily.  Yesterday was a death that shook m... » Continue Reading

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TW// Eating Disorder Groups!

Category: Blogging

I have noticed some disgusting groups pop up on the group feed these past few days, and two of them are pro-Ana groups. For those who do not know, pro-Ana is short for pro-anorexia. Or it could cover all forms of disordered eating on both ends of the spectrum. EDTWT is short for "Eating Disorder Twitter", and that should speak for itself. These people are not support groups to help heal from disor... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

_________________________________________ BRING BACK 2000'S FASHION Hey Emo Kids, SC3N3 QU33NS, and Sk8tr Boiz! 2007 called and they want their clothes back! No, actually the opposite- they want to sell you their awesome products! And I'm telling you, a lot of this stuff looks way cooler than what Hot Topic sells these days. It's time to throw a little variety in style back into the scene! Here ar... » Continue Reading

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Most Common People Users Catfish As On SpaceHey

Category: SpaceHey

SPACEHEY IS JUST LIKE MYSPACE THERE IS NOTHING SHORT OF CATFISHING SpaceHey is not safe from the same thing that once plagued us MySpace users just trying to have a good time and trying to make some new friends. You always want to find people who like the same stuff as you, and bonus points if they look cool too! It would be awesome to have your profile picture in their Top8 right? Or to be featur... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

I like to get a little decorative in my bulletins, and I will be adapting this into a blog later. But thank you xXCiarahXx for this awesome idea! Today I am gonna be making a post about my top ten favorite bands. I listen to all of these bands to various degrees, and some bands I know more songs than others. It is gonna be hard to both rank and choose only ten bands, but I am going to try my best ... » Continue Reading

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