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i want to be a cat

Category: Life

no responsibilities. no work. nothing to do except for napping 10 times a day and playing with my humans. some people might say we're lucky to be born as humans, because we're the most advanced species on earth bla bla technology bla. whoever thinks this: NO! YOU'RE WRONG!! i hate having to work, i hate having to talk to people, i hate needing to manage my free time, i hate doing chores, i hate ne... » Continue Reading

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staying calm in public

Category: Life

i went shopping today with my boyfriend and a friend. my mental state is getting worse again. today proved that.  i always had issues with not being listened to. back in the day, i was often ignored, especially in groups. which made me feel unwanted. the effect of that experiences is that i easily get triggered, even if the other person not listening was accidental and i know that. we were in a fe... » Continue Reading

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new coworker

Category: Life

i have a new coworker at work. we get along very well. i liked him from the beginning, so much that in my head, he's now my "work bestie". he's a few years older than me (28), but doesn't act like it at all. at first i thought he's around his early 20's or even still 19 years old. he's a bit confused all the time, but very nice and cares about doing his work (which i can't say about some other cow... » Continue Reading

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my most hated regular customer

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

i had to talk to him today and... usually, i try to make interactions with customers as short as possible, so i don't say much. especially with customers i can't stand. but sometimes i'm just too nice. today my least favorite regular came in. he's a man in his 40s(?) who talks way too much and often makes unfunny sexist jokes. "women, right?" ugh. i always try not to engage in conversations with h... » Continue Reading

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