my most hated regular customer

i had to talk to him today and...

usually, i try to make interactions with customers as short as possible, so i don't say much. especially with customers i can't stand. but sometimes i'm just too nice.

today my least favorite regular came in. he's a man in his 40s(?) who talks way too much and often makes unfunny sexist jokes. "women, right?" ugh. i always try not to engage in conversations with him while still being friendly. he came in, bought a 0,5ml jägermeister bottle, red bull and asked for a cup. after paying, he immediatly poured both substances in the cup while sighing and saying something like "i deserved this after this terrible day". i didn't ask what happened and hoped he was just talking to himself. he wouldn't leave though and continued saying things like "never get married". i gave a short answer but still didn't ask what was up. 
'I DO NOT CARE! LEAVE!', i thought to myself. he still didn't stop, he wanted me to ask him what's up. no. that's not true. he didn't even wait for me asking and just started talking. i gave up and finally talked to him. 

i asked if he had kids (because why not divorce if he hates being married this much?) he did, but not with his wife. an 'accidental' daughter which lives 200+ km away from here. he told me she went from one youth welfare office to another. now the authorities want to revoke his custody. he didn't really seem to care that much about his daughter. a neglectful father. i was right in thinking badly about him. i'm sure he's also the main reason why his marriage is failing. disgusting man. after that i HAD to talk to him some more. it was hell. but eventually, he left.

next time i see him i'll probably have to talk to him again... i don't want to! that's why i rarely talk with customers. because if you start talking, you'll have to talk to them every time, which is just exhausting! i hate working in customer service.
the only good thing i get out of this job: i have a lot of stories to tell.

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