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Ive Moved On

Category: SpaceHey

im abandoning this account and moving on to a new leaf or however they say it heres my new account farewell my webcoreians » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Like Planet Houston, Zod has taken over my page ( ̄_ ̄|||) and most of you guys either -dunno who zod is -arent DC fans -or came for my internetcore anime content and i dun blame them, zod isnt rlly on my page exept for like 2 subtle appearances, so i gots a buncha zod memes n otha stuff (that i created!) for you guys just in case i do catch a Zod fan's eye! Heres some zod clips to kinda get the pic... » Continue Reading

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sites to make your page hip and trendy (cause i dont gatekeep <3)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

blinkies and gifs old website type fonts old sites (might find cool images or gifs if lucky) cursors! 3d animated gifs (edit: the gifs dont work on your page sadly :( but they are still cool) a TON of old buttons and advertisements anime pfps » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

The 2007 Ultra Pwner and WinXP Warrior, we can all say that Kona-chan has won all of our hearts! (even tho shes a total dweeb!) Happy Birthday Konata Izumi!!!!! 498 × 280 498 × 280 » Continue Reading

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Meet Mr. Awesome!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

This is Mr. Awesome, A Sylvania Portable DVD player To be more Amazon-Specific:  A Sylvania 10.1" Quad Core Tablet/Portable DVD Player Combo, 1GB/16GB, Android, SLTDVD1024 Now, why is this thing so awesome? Well… it’s a portable DVD player, which is pretty awesome in itself But… whats even better… is that its like a DVD player/IPad Hybrid! Yeah! It’s like a perfect Airplane entertainer! (Idk why I... » Continue Reading

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Cool day today! (Library n more!)

Category: Blogging

1. Manga n DVD haul at the library a big overdue essay done! And raised my grade from a F to a D! 3. Took a nice shower! » Continue Reading

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Memorial for Angel (my dell d620)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

If  you don’t know, Angel was a good friend of mine, ran WinXP, and had cool stickers on it, but... it got thrown away today :( and it was all my fault, but this isn’t about me.. it’s about Angel.. I truly miss you already.. This was the background: The password was: Windowsluver96  And my pfp was the rocket ship When I first got her, I was so exited, I was a little less excited when I found out w... » Continue Reading

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Spring Break Food Reviews!!!

Category: Food and Restaurants

-cookie dough bites from Mario movie 7/10, favorite movie snack, but kinda worse cuz they were frozen -Mr. Chi dream (Mr chi is the name of a nearby boba restaurant)  8/10, a quite refreshing drink, it’s got kumquat and butterfly pea tea (I also added some mango jelly and that REALLY enhanced the flavor and added some sweetness!) -Mario Drink 6/10, a little too sweet, but still pretty good, I woul... » Continue Reading

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good day today!

Category: Blogging

im sick (which is bad) but being snuggled up in ur bed with an XP computer thats playing lucky star while eating instant ramen is better tbh » Continue Reading

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My favorite Game nobody's heard about

Category: Games

european racers! its a CD-ROM game made by revell, a car toy company that is all about building cars, so you build the cars in the game and THEN race them, i also found out its called Build & Race: Motor Stars in the UK! so heres the stuff i can find on it! Images: Gameplay: Physical Copies??: » Continue Reading

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