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Spring Break Food Reviews!!!

-cookie dough bites from Mario movie

7/10, favorite movie snack, but kinda worse cuz they were frozen

-Mr. Chi dream (Mr chi is the name of a nearby boba restaurant) 

8/10, a quite refreshing drink, it’s got kumquat and butterfly pea tea (I also added some mango jelly and that REALLY enhanced the flavor and added some sweetness!)

-Mario Drink

6/10, a little too sweet, but still pretty good, I wouldn’t get it again, but it was still a good drink!

-Turkey tea sandwich 

6/10, they were good, but I ate too much of them so yeah it kinda ruined it for me, cause they were the ONLY SANDWICH I COULD EAT WITHOUT MY PICKY SELF BEING LIKE “eeewww”

-Candy coated almonds

6/10, good snack! I though these were unique so I put em on here

-Ham,Leek, and some cheese I forgot Quiche 

8/10, it was really good! My mom makes a good Quiche!

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