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Memorial for Angel (my dell d620)

If you don’t know, Angel was a good friend of mine, ran WinXP, and had cool stickers on it, but... it got thrown away today :( and it was all my fault, but this isn’t about me.. it’s about Angel.. I truly miss you already..

This was the background:


The password was: Windowsluver96 

And my pfp was the rocket ship

When I first got her, I was so exited, I was a little less excited when I found out we need a usb to actually access the internet, so I played with it a bit, changed the background, listened to the music, and I thought that it was so amazing, and I remember I would type documents in word when I didn’t have internet. 

I’ll add more to this later, but, I hope someone finds you in the trash gives you a good home :( goodbye angel


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