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"Making Games Scores, DM for Prices."

32, South Wales, Musician.

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Age of Hell

Category: Games

So yesterday I got confirmed as part of the development team for an upcoming game called Age of Hell. The game itself is a total conversion of Doom 2 with various upgrades. I have already submitted 1 track, and I am now bringing myself up to speed on implementing it into the game to make it work with the right looping for the level. Next up is the battle music... Thats going to be interesting... W... » Continue Reading

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This Is Synthwave

Category: Music

I recently was included in a synthwave compilation called This is Synthwave 3. It's a great compilation full of great artists, and the record label owner is doing a bang up job especially on the audio formatting front. All of it is quiet mixing with very little compression to allow for as much dynamic range as possible. The compilation is available on Heavyweight Double Vinyl using the quiet mix f... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

So as you may have seen from my profile (if you came from there) I have a YouTube channel that I am using for my music. I do covers and originals all from and inspired by Video games, Movies, and TV. In what ever genre I am inspired to write/cover in.  My 2 main focuses for genre would be Metal and Synthwave, however I do branch into other genres such as classical and even Dubstep at times. Here i... » Continue Reading

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Some music to share for you all :)

Category: Music

Here is a playlist I've made on YouTube of some of my music released over the last year. Please give this a bash and lemme know what you think. There's a little bit of a variety here, so I don't expect you to like all of it. I just hope you enjoy something in there :) S.W.H Playlist Here is the most recent track that's on there. One of my takes on Synthwave. Thank you for taking the time to check ... » Continue Reading

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A little about me

Category: Blogging

Saw this on someone elses blog and thought I might also do one :) 👌Name(s)? Sam 🔐Relationship Status? Engaged 🌈Orientation(s)? straight 🐉Zodiac Sign? Capricorn 💅Do you wear makeup? Only on stage ✨Favourite aesthetic? 80s neo futuristic  🔮Any advice you would have given 10 y/o you? Practice harder with your music, and make sure you keep up with people better. 🍀What's your favourite season? Summer 🎃... » Continue Reading

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Well this takes me back.

Category: Blogging

Being on Myspace back in the early to mid 00s this site gives me a huge nostalgia hit. I hope this site continues onward and gets the kind of universal appeal the old one had. I miss the profile songs, the band pages, the custom html on pages, and all that other great stuff. I hope this site gets there as it will reignite my passion for discovering new music like I had in the mid 00s. Here is a bi... » Continue Reading

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