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Explaining how I type bc yeah (Spencer finally does this post that has been long needed bc a lot of ppl cannot understand how he types like at all)

Category: Blogging

I keep on 4getting to make a entry like this but since I have free time I decided 2 finally make it. So how I type is basically just made 2 b as short as possible. Like to/too/two is 2, four/for is 4, etc. I use stuff like bc 4 because sometimes prob 4 probably and other stuff. Also I randomly add the word like in some sentence like "So like 2day I went 2 hot topic and like apparently there's a ba... » Continue Reading

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Introduction [May 3rd, 2023]

Category: SpaceHey

It's been about two months since I've been on here, and obviously a lot has changed about me. I have nothing else to do, so I might as well make a introduction post. Basics : I go by both Spencer and Shiloh (Either is fine). I use he/they. I'm a emo  guy so I look dead (but I only dress that way). Also, I send random people friend requests if I like their profiles and whatnot because I just like t... » Continue Reading

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Music recommendations

Category: Music

This is mainly just band recommendations so yeah Band/Artist: Greeley Estates Genre(s): Metalcore, screamo  Band/Artist: Aiden Genre(s): Horror punk, screamo, post-hardcore Band/Artist: Horrorpops Genre(s): Danish punk, horror punk Band/Artist: Snow White's Poison Bite  Genre(s): Screamo Band/Artist: I Am Ghost  Genre(s): Screamo  Band/Artist: Scotty Vanity  Genre(s): Electropowerpop  Band/Artist:... » Continue Reading

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new cd

Category: Music

I got a new cd 2day Info about it: Artist: Misery Signals Album: Mirrors Genre: Metal Year: 2006 » Continue Reading

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How 2 add images and whatnot 2 ur profile (tutorial 4 some1)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So like I saw some1 confused on how 2 add images and whatever 2 their profile so like I feel like I should help them or whatever So the website I use 4 adding images and stuff 2 my profile is: [  THIS  ] First of all, you choose the image(s) you want 2 add 2 your profile (using image below as a example): Then, a screen like this should appear: If you have a account, you can save the pictures you u... » Continue Reading

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How 2 make anything a mcr reference tutorial!! (Real!!) (Not clickbait!!)

Category: Life

2 days ago on Friday, I was over at my friend Ari's house. Ari was explaining 2 his friend Esteban about the situation/drama between him and Stanley. Out of respect, I won't disclose specifics about the situation but it involves Stanley being a little b!tch. So, me being me, I obviously somehow brought MCR in2 the conversation without fully annoying Ari. Basically, the song I never told u what I d... » Continue Reading

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I'm normal about Micheal James Way, the bass guitarist of the American rock band My Chemical Romance. (Aka autism got me 2night.)

Category: Music

I found a tumblr account dedic8ed 2 posting pictures of Mikey Way daily and my autism just kicked in so I downloaded over 200 pictures of Mikey Way. I don't plan on stopping. I took a break around day 400 of their posts and I plan on downloading every single Mikey Way picture they've ever posted. Idc if there's any duplic8s or copies or anything, I am heavily motiv8d 2 download every Mikey picture... » Continue Reading

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i'm normal about the american rock band my chemical romance

Category: Music

Sometimes l8 at night I cry bc I think of how I'll react when MCR5 comes out. I begin crying bc I imagine myself sobbing and having a mental breakdown when MCR5 comes out. I'm so excited 4 the album and I already know I'll b crying on its release d8. I cried so hard when foundations came out, and that's just a single. Imagining my reaction when the album comes out is an experience difficult 2 desc... » Continue Reading

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msi (2023/06/01)

Category: Music

2 b completely honest, my main reason 4 liking MSI is bc I luv doing stuff out of spite. Ik that Jimmy and lynz r shitty people and I don't support them or the band bc of their actions (yes I'm aware that people can change and apologize over time but that's not really important) but listening 2 their music and being open about that fact brings some excitement 2 my life. Like arguing with MSI antis... » Continue Reading

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random mcr facts

Category: Music

This are pretty commonly known but I still like bringing them up every once in a while ★ Gerard has a piss and vomit kink. ★ Frank has a pain and degrading kink. ★ Gerard and Ray are listed in the FNAF movie credits as musicians. ★ Mikey is literally MY baby girl and ONLY MY baby girl, no 1 else can b with MY baby girl. (This 1 is a joke.) ★ Frank posted a picture of his ass on Instagram on Septem... » Continue Reading

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Msi rant

Category: Music

Earlier today I was listening to a live version of straight to video by msi and Jimmy said "happy sweet 16!" before beginning the song and it took me a while but I finally realized what that line meant. So in case you didn't know, straight to video is about thinking of joining the corn (code word) industry when times are tough. So me actresses are recruited when they're 16 or 17. What I think Jimm... » Continue Reading

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