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How 2 add images and whatnot 2 ur profile (tutorial 4 some1)

So like I saw some1 confused on how 2 add images and whatever 2 their profile so like I feel like I should help them or whatever

So the website I use 4 adding images and stuff 2 my profile is: [ THIS ]

First of all, you choose the image(s) you want 2 add 2 your profile (using image below as a example):

Then, a screen like this should appear:

If you have a account, you can save the pictures you upload to a album. You can also choose if the website will automatically delete the images after a certain amount of time (useful if you just need the link of a image).

After you press upload and the image finishes uploading, a screen like this will appear:

If you need another way to share the image, you press the direct links tab and a screen with other options will appear:

Typically I use html full linked 4 images, but any html option should be okay

After that, you can copy the code. To add it 2 your profile, you just press edit profile and add it 2 any box. I added 2 the who id like 2 meet box 4 this example.

After that, you just press save profile and it should appear.

If it doesn't work, maybe try a different code option. Anyways, I hoped that helped.

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