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Explaining how I type bc yeah (Spencer finally does this post that has been long needed bc a lot of ppl cannot understand how he types like at all)

I keep on 4getting to make a entry like this but since I have free time I decided 2 finally make it.

So how I type is basically just made 2 b as short as possible. Like to/too/two is 2, four/for is 4, etc. I use stuff like bc 4 because sometimes prob 4 probably and other stuff. Also I randomly add the word like in some sentence like "So like 2day I went 2 hot topic and like apparently there's a back 2 skool sale so like obviously I practically bought the entire store."

Also some words get shortened like today and tomorrow r 2day and 2morrow and anyone and everyone r any1 and every1. Are is r while and is sometimes n. You/your/you're/yourself is u/ur/u're/urself. I also use the number 8 when there's a ate sound in a word like transl8, l8/l8r/l8ly/l8est and d8. (Words r translate, late/later/lately/latest and date if u can't understand it like any regular person)

So yeah that basically explains how I type in case any1 was confused about that.

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