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msi (2023/06/01)

2 b completely honest, my main reason 4 liking MSI is bc I luv doing stuff out of spite. Ik that Jimmy and lynz r shitty people and I don't support them or the band bc of their actions (yes I'm aware that people can change and apologize over time but that's not really important) but listening 2 their music and being open about that fact brings some excitement 2 my life. Like arguing with MSI antis and hearing their points in the argument is so fun 2 me. The main reasons y people don't like msi from what I've heard in arguments is bc of the allegations against jimmy and that their music is creepy/bad. I get both points and their pov of the situation, but I can defend the band on their music being shitty.

Basically, MSI is a satirical band. It's not serious most of the time. Whenever it is serious however, they convey their message in a way that seems satirical. There r many songs I can use as examples 4 this, but then I'd have 2 go in2 full detail of what the song really means, which I don't wanna do with a band like this.

In conclusion, I really only like this band 2 spite the people who h8 it. Their music is good AT BEST and half of the people in this band r shitty people.

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